Why Are Pokémon Cards So Expensive?! 

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Keith is on a personal mission to find a Charizard card and along the way he'll discover how Logan Paul may have ruined Pokémon card collecting! How many Pokémon cards will it take?

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5 jun 2021



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DoDo 3 timmar sedan
Keith Ash is 10 not 12
Michelle Scharlock
Michelle Scharlock 3 timmar sedan
Very similar to the My Little Pony G1 community. One pony has been selling on EBay for over $1k that you could buy for about $200 pre-pandemic.
Madeline Merlic
Madeline Merlic 4 timmar sedan
This video was edited so well!
Kcin2821 5 timmar sedan
Damn wished you did a collab with maxmoefoepokemon for this video haha
Harry W-H
Harry W-H 8 timmar sedan
Good thing I’ve never been into Pokémon! 😆
clementine 8 timmar sedan
this is how it was for me but with squishmallows
clementine 8 timmar sedan
i love keith
Nina Alicbusan
Nina Alicbusan 8 timmar sedan
I almost cried when he didn't get it. Thank god he didn't give up.
Diego Ascencio
Diego Ascencio 9 timmar sedan
I've always wanted to pull a blastoise. Have never had one. I have a dark charizard
Settra Surfs
Settra Surfs 10 timmar sedan
That's why real chads play MTG
Tiffany Roberson
Tiffany Roberson 13 timmar sedan
This is gonna go like beanie babies and they’re gonna flood the market with cards to crash it
jordhi vallejo
jordhi vallejo 13 timmar sedan
When 2015 2016 Pokémon cards were super popular
Júlia Oliveira
Júlia Oliveira 14 timmar sedan
Keith is just so pretty
Paulina Bowen
Paulina Bowen 15 timmar sedan
My husband has a charizard from the ‘90’s 😊
Abigail González
Abigail González 16 timmar sedan
lo único que puedo pensar es q son como las photo cards ajsjdjjsjs, randoms y luego las venden a precios exagerados
ezool 16 timmar sedan
whenever im feeling down, i just pop this video open and rewatch that golden moment of keith unveiling the card and the look of shock everyone has on their faces followed by everyone's bewildered smiles. it lifts my spirits and makes me think "hey, everything will be alright"
Samantha Ladson
Samantha Ladson 16 timmar sedan
Boy am I glad I play magic after this. At least I can buy packs lol
jia 16 timmar sedan
Im not from the western side of the world so i didnt even know this was something happening over there until this video. Massive kudos to keith and the editors of this video though, they couldve done this in a more simpler way but decided to make the video immersive to the world of pokemon! Even though this might not rake in as much views as their other videos, its still good to see the guys do topics theyre passionate about
Maddie Keroff
Maddie Keroff 16 timmar sedan
Keith always makes me so happy in videos! He’s got such an amazing sense of humor and his content is always stunning!
jia 17 timmar sedan
Wait please that whole scene in 7:40 and just how theres a bit of a pause before the attack registers is so funny to me
Ines Crawford
Ines Crawford 17 timmar sedan
This is when i cry because i had the greatest pokemon card collection as a kid, and my mom (a primary school teacher) decided to donate it to her students. Will never forget it. I had the playing mat and everything and it was just so fun
Roman Dietrich
Roman Dietrich 19 timmar sedan
Pokemon: Ghost Rare Charizard is the most saught after Card right now and super expencive. Magic the Gathering: hold my mint condition 1st Edition Starter Pack 🌷
Gi Murray
Gi Murray 19 timmar sedan
I just got so excited for him haha my heart is pumping a bunch haha
Brianna Berning
Brianna Berning 19 timmar sedan
I literally have cried so much over wanting a shining fates box. But the only one I found online was a scam and stole my card info. Maybe someday I'll get a box of shining fates.
Izzy Ротова
Izzy Ротова 19 timmar sedan
Keith please do an Eat the Menu Tims if you ever find yourself in canada!!!!
Tyler Tollison
Tyler Tollison 20 timmar sedan
Thinking about letting my collection go..
Genesis 21 timme sedan
Keith doesn’t get enough credit I love him
Victorynn 22 timmar sedan
Now get zach to get into the kpop photocard trading scene. It's not as insane as pokemon scene but it feels like it sometimes. XD
Maddie LC
Maddie LC Dag sedan
My brother had over 25 binders from the 90s full of pokemon cards. When this was happening he gave them to the neighborhood kids cus they couldn't find them at the store. He wanted them to feel the joy he had as a kid.
Maria Kalliokoski
Just few years before, I threw away my collection of 500 cards...
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones Dag sedan
This honestly made me smile. Congratulations Keith!!
JackieWarner13 Dag sedan
Love how this was filmed & edited. Awesome work Keith & 2nd try team.
Gen_Li77 Dag sedan
I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional for Keith when he got it 🥺
Dumb Joe
Dumb Joe Dag sedan
Dang, this video got buried in the algorithm I guess
Daniela Elizabeth Ramirez Madrid
I really hope at least some of those cards went to some deserving kids because that part about the kids not being able to enjoy it really hit 🥲
Amy Dag sedan
The K-POP photo card market is also having the same craze. Not as expensive as Pokémon but very similar.
Elysha Nygaard
Elysha Nygaard Dag sedan
I'm so glad I had the know-how as a kid to always take care of my cards and that I still randomly bought booster packs all throughout adulthood. I checked prices on a few of my cards and I'm pretty sure my whole collection would easily be worth 5 figs
Lee Perkins
Lee Perkins Dag sedan
Keith I know that the views may not be up to par here but this is the best Try Guys video I has watched in a while. Fly well son.
Estrella Casias
Estrella Casias Dag sedan
That docu intro editing was actually great
Ashley ASMR
Ashley ASMR Dag sedan
you should talk about squishmallows! the same amount of scalping is happening with these stuffed animals and they’re impossible to find anywhere!
Markristelin Maloles
Keith's reaction when he got the Charizard card. Priceless. I'm so proud of you Keith! Congratulations!🥳
Kyle Reich
Kyle Reich Dag sedan
not a Pokemon fan but omg I love psyduck!!! I just like ducks lol
x yz
x yz Dag sedan
Keith being so passionate about Pokemon is so adorable
Emmett McCall
Emmett McCall Dag sedan
I love the style of this video
Banana Bread
Banana Bread Dag sedan
To anyone who buys Pokémon cards and treats them as stocks, I hope you stub your toe and it never feels better
Thea McLain
Thea McLain Dag sedan
Not really into Pokémon but the pure joy on Keith’s face when he finally got the card was worth it
julie simpson
julie simpson Dag sedan
I love the "documentary" style so much
K24knightryder Dag sedan
because people are stupid.
Yanger Ozk
Yanger Ozk Dag sedan
The ads urgg
Lisa Sherman
Lisa Sherman Dag sedan
I was never a Pokémon kid, but I screamed with joy when Keith unveiled that last card! Congratulations Keith, we loved the video!!
Karely Rivera
Karely Rivera Dag sedan
Damn now I want some 😢
Dora Dag sedan
Dude, come to North Carolina. There always are Walmart. I would give you my Charizard from 2000 but I don't have plans to sell it anytime soon. The nostalgia's too great, sorry.
Emmy Dag sedan
Why did I actually cry when he got a Charizard?
AmyCat 456
AmyCat 456 Dag sedan
I yelled loud enough to scare my children. I’ve never been so happy for someone in my whole life. That’s great!
Kora Yale
Kora Yale Dag sedan
I really really loved this format! Felt more like a mini-doc and it was amazing!
Doña Ratona
Doña Ratona Dag sedan
I don't understand the algorithm on some of these videos, why isn't the view count higher? Love Keith so much also and really appreciate the time taken to explain all this. My only caveat is that there doesn't seem to be a solution for your average person. Maybe Pokemon could flood the market so that the prices restore to normal?
GYJH CART Dag sedan
god why does this feel like me looking for my bias' rare photocard lol
Sheepish Cactus
Sheepish Cactus Dag sedan
Yugioh is the same way, but the prices aren’t *as* intense. I understand the struggle xd
JollyTinker91 Dag sedan
The try guys should try Alex Rodriguez make up line
Kristen H
Kristen H 2 dagar sedan
I'm over here looking at my binder of original japanese first gen pokemon cards... Nah they're mine.
Andrew Delgado
Andrew Delgado 2 dagar sedan
Over here in Arizona their is to much Pokémon cards and we don’t want them .-.
Alura Laymon
Alura Laymon 2 dagar sedan
I dont know anything aboutpokémon and ive never even played pokémon go 😂😂😂
Jane Gundacker
Jane Gundacker 2 dagar sedan
I know finding the card was supposed to be the highlight of the video, but I was never happier than seeing Keith support watcher with his puppet history shirt.
Idalis Briales
Idalis Briales 2 dagar sedan
this kinda makes me want to design trading cards. i've always loved the idea of collecting and keeping them in a book and playing a game and trading, but i could never get into fully. now i just want to make my own and put it in a collector binder. XD
Ayen Margaret Tolentino
the keith pulling charizard moment was so wholesome and fulfilling to watch
im_a_ muffin
im_a_ muffin 2 dagar sedan
I have a bunch of cards from the early 2000s from when I was a kid I never thought this kind of stuff would happen holy crap
Ngo Hanh Phuong
Ngo Hanh Phuong 2 dagar sedan
The hypnotic skiing problematically whip because yoke regrettably observe apropos a painful iris. erratic, short current
HoneyAnimates 2 dagar sedan
8:27 why is this so funny please-
ahranon 2 dagar sedan
I was so invested in this video! I even teared up at the end!!!
Jalyn Tan
Jalyn Tan 2 dagar sedan
I deadass teared up at the end wow
h g
h g 2 dagar sedan
i can't explain the amount of serotonin that the editing on this video gave me.
Jason & Tianna
Jason & Tianna 2 dagar sedan
They started giving out Pokémon cards in McDonald’s kids meals recently here (in Canada)
Asuka 2 dagar sedan
Hughie's face when Keith pulled the Charizard is literally everything
Umair Qureshi
Umair Qureshi 2 dagar sedan
Sonia is legal age Keith
Elizabeth Williamson
Elizabeth Williamson 2 dagar sedan
Keith looks really thin and healthy in this video!! Not saying that he didn’t look that way before, but you definitely can’t tell he’s eaten everything on almost every fast food menu in California... keep it up Beautiful Keith!!
Mighty Nooblet
Mighty Nooblet 2 dagar sedan
Sucks that this video isn't getting the views it deserves. Love this type of content. This is why I subscribed.
B2ZInC 2 dagar sedan
I have a Japanese holo pocket monsters charizard for sale if you want it Keith :)
jasmine tennis
jasmine tennis 2 dagar sedan
some hobby lobbys sell pokemon packs!!
MikeyX8294 2 dagar sedan
I like how the title keeps changing
Kloe Olivia
Kloe Olivia 2 dagar sedan
This video is incredible!! So well done, nice job Keith
Apple Pi
Apple Pi 2 dagar sedan
Might I suggest your local hobby lobby. There’s not much of a selection. But my son found some there
Bárbara L
Bárbara L 2 dagar sedan
once again, capitalism ruins everything
Windy 2 dagar sedan
I've lowkey pined for the full art Chairman Rose card because he's my favourite character in Sword and Shield and Keith just pulls him as his first card my tears are so bitter lmaooo
Person 2 dagar sedan
"wtf is happening" my favorite line now, but only in the narrators voice
Dora The Destroyer
Dora The Destroyer 2 dagar sedan
I like how they had to change the thumbnail and title away from Logan Paul lol
RockstarWarriorRock 2 dagar sedan
I never had the experience of opening new cards. I just collected on what I was able to trade for or play for.
Dream Rose
Dream Rose 2 dagar sedan
Pokemon is great Or as my elementary bus driver would say pokeman
Jordan_Fiercey 2 dagar sedan
Oh Shit! These cards have EVOLVED since the days I used to collect them!!! Eh? Eh? Don’t delete me… I’ll see myself out…
jay 2 dagar sedan
*cries bc charmander episode* i just enjoyed my cards and having one of each
Falcon's Gaming
Falcon's Gaming 2 dagar sedan
IMO Box breaks also have some issues with them .. unless the box break is at retail ..
Bích Nụ
Bích Nụ 2 dagar sedan
Why they change the title ?
superbahamamama 2 dagar sedan
alisakaye 2 dagar sedan
maybe i shouldnt have sold my pokemon cards when i fell out of the habit sigh
4321chanson 2 dagar sedan
Did you get chet lemon and nidhog though?
Erica Bonney
Erica Bonney 2 dagar sedan
First thing I gotta say is that the editing in this video is AMAZING!! It's on another level!! Great job! And second thing is that I felt the joy with you when you finally got your card, CONGRATS to you! I don't know all that much about Pokémon but I still really enjoyed the video!! Once again, Great Job!!
Alexander Dungan
Alexander Dungan 2 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh, the title of this video changes every day.
Casey Roggow
Casey Roggow 2 dagar sedan
if you like Pokemon check out the new TCG MetaZoo
Sheneé 2 dagar sedan
The green screen work and animation in this video is delightful!!
Anonymous X
Anonymous X 2 dagar sedan
How many times has the title been changed??
BenevolentRose 2 dagar sedan
I Literally SCREAMED when TCG said his favorite was Hypno. Hypno is mine too! I never met anyone else who had the same favorite! My most prized Pokemon card is a base set Ponyta. It's not shiny, it's not 1st edition, it's not Shadowless. Just a normal Base set Ponyta. It was the first card I ever got and I got it from a little plastic treasure chest at the dentist for being a good kid during a cavity removal. It set ablaze my love for the card game. I wanted one of each and so kept the extras separate, and because of financial trouble I wanted to sell my extras but the market is so crazy that I want so much to find a way to make sure it's collectors and kids that get the cards I have. Not the scalpers.
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