We Spent 24 Hrs. Locked In Our Office (No Internet) 

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It's Try Guys Sleepover Time! We got locked in our new office for 24 hrs, with no internet, \u0026 no phones, but tons of fun! Thanks to Constant Contact for sponsoring a portion of this video! Try it for free today: www.constantcontact.com/tryguys

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2 jun 2021



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WhateverForever 4 timmar sedan
Isn’t chipotle and jalapeño the same thing?
Lizette 7 timmar sedan
“well we don’t really know what the construction crew was up to” WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT HOW KEITH IS SO FUNNY WITHOUT EVEN TRYING
Emmy Kregting
Emmy Kregting 10 timmar sedan
Ok I'm not up to date so can someone please tell me what happened with Eugene
MarvelousMosi 15 timmar sedan
I love how they used "Eugene" as part of the course at 11:23
kolim jone
kolim jone 16 timmar sedan
Nick’s boyfriend: how was work sweetie Nick: nothin much just locked my bosses in their new office
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker 16 timmar sedan
Workaholics vibes 💙
UwU Angel
UwU Angel 19 timmar sedan
Keith has always been one of my favourite Try Guys, he's just so wholesome, reliable/supportive and relatable
TheDepressedEgg Dag sedan
That one girl working at the back of the room be like: Wtf is happening
kolim jone
kolim jone 16 timmar sedan
so is Eugene stepping back from the channel or what
Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson Dag sedan
FYI Guys, that's a Jerusalem Cricket not a termite
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
If Eugene were there, he would’ve killed everyone in the first hour
Page Waters
Page Waters Dag sedan
I love Keith. He’s the best
Markristelin Maloles
"Hey goodmorning, how're you feeling?" That's so sweet. I cry.
Sejal Dag sedan
I also thought they would hug him.
Sejal Dag sedan
The puppets were really good!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
That's an impressive mini golf setup.
Sejal Dag sedan
Keith is such a fun guy!
Shy XSimmer
Shy XSimmer Dag sedan
Ohhh heck’s nah
Plippy :p
Plippy :p Dag sedan
can Mr beast go with the try guys
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 dagar sedan
The fact that they all had the same story about the lights while going to the bathroom. That made me laugh so hard!
Graecyn K.
Graecyn K. 2 dagar sedan
I really bot but but you
Grace Liu
Grace Liu 2 dagar sedan
Is no one gonna mention how nice their new office is?
Nathanielle Dae Aquino
In this world, being locked in a place for 24 hours seems like nothing
Golden rose
Golden rose 2 dagar sedan
Poor Ariel dealing with 2 kids while her husband plays golf and toy car 😅
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 dagar sedan
If Eugene were there, he would’ve killed everyone in the first hour
Taylor Kirby
Taylor Kirby 2 dagar sedan
so is Eugene stepping back from the channel or what
Hunter T
Hunter T 2 dagar sedan
I'm so proud of you guys! You have worked so hard to get where you are and you guys are doing amazing! So so proud of the new office and can't wait for exciting more content!
Amy Stevenson
Amy Stevenson 2 dagar sedan
sometimes i feel like ned was meant to be named kyle yk
Tony C. 0451
Tony C. 0451 2 dagar sedan
Indoor parties, mini-golf, office sleepover, half-naked Try Guys, and a radio-controlled car race? Just another day at the Try Guys office. Or new office, actually. I'm suddenly hungry after seeing all that food made.
Save State
Save State 2 dagar sedan
No internet? No phones? How will they talk to Dr Fauci about his emails now?!
Anne Felicitas
Anne Felicitas 2 dagar sedan
That's an impressive mini golf setup.
Jazzy 2 dagar sedan
My new dance move thanks to Keith… the “Boys and Bacon Dance” 🙌🏼🙌🏼💃🏼🕺🏼🥓
numba1spazzet 2 dagar sedan
As the Try Guys have learned, motion activated lights in an office are so annoying!! Lol, I can say that because my work office also has them and I have to get up every 10 mins to set them back on when working at my computer desk!!!
Nicole Oswalt
Nicole Oswalt 2 dagar sedan
WHERE IS EUGENE??? I miss him!!
LeMoNDays Chak
LeMoNDays Chak 2 dagar sedan
GhostGirl 18
GhostGirl 18 2 dagar sedan
keith: trying to open chips *tearing up* "what is wrong with me" i felt that on so many spiritual levels
Dustin Cole
Dustin Cole 2 dagar sedan
Where's Eugene??
bri 2 dagar sedan
If Eugene were there, *he would’ve killed everyone in the first hour*
Luna Malefica
Luna Malefica 2 dagar sedan
So sweet of Keith to make breakfast for the bois. 🥺💖 What friendship goals
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 dagar sedan
Why is no one talking about how they were having green beans for breakfast?!?!?
Bradley Apollo
Bradley Apollo 2 dagar sedan
Their new office is really (or rather is gonna be) really cool
Miranda Hutchison
Miranda Hutchison 3 dagar sedan
Why hasn't Eugene been in the more recent videos? Is he ok?
victoria ashley
victoria ashley 3 dagar sedan
Where's Eugene?
Robyn Ybarra
Robyn Ybarra 3 dagar sedan
Why is it more often than not (recently) that videos aren't including all 4 try guys????
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 2 dagar sedan
Nick’s boyfriend: how was work sweetie Nick: nothin much just locked my bosses in their new office
Kat s
Kat s 3 dagar sedan
im scared theyre gonna break a window
Lyndsey Darmos
Lyndsey Darmos 3 dagar sedan
Anyone think they smoked and bc they hotboxed the office, had to put in the fog machine scene ? 😂
yunzzie 3 dagar sedan
I feel like when their staff members talk about their company they will be like : “So who are your bosses?” Everyone: *points to the three chaotic ones and one calm one but not really* “Oh.” “Yea...”
Emme Griffeth
Emme Griffeth 3 dagar sedan
9:02 or in caption “it’s the (screams)”
Embercille Mage
Embercille Mage 3 dagar sedan
Okay but I thought you said no internet so how virtual reality and computer streaming
Christina Tyree
Christina Tyree 3 dagar sedan
Where the lovely Eugene at.. I've missed him in these last few videos....
breetoldyouso 3 dagar sedan
Wait....is that the old Defy office??????
RoséAllDayy 3 dagar sedan
Ned being amazed he slept in until 9am is every parent’s dream 😂
Amhara Hernandez
Amhara Hernandez 3 dagar sedan
I miss Eugene..
Rashi Mandyal
Rashi Mandyal 3 dagar sedan
Keith looks so cute making breakfast first thing in the morning 🙌🙌 Actual husband goals!!!
Nalani Burch
Nalani Burch 3 dagar sedan
Try guys survive prison. You have to eat prison food , the kind they serve and the kind prisoners make. You have to stay in a cell for 72 hours, see if you can survive a riot.
Chloe Dolan
Chloe Dolan 3 dagar sedan
I wish I could spend 24 hours locked away with Keith. Not even in a dirty way like. I just think it'd be great craic. We're both quirky insecure teens stuck in the body of an adult. It'd be so much fun to have heart to heart conversations, and shake it off with a good music sesh haha
Shawn 3 dagar sedan
Wow such a nice office …congratulations guys
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 dagar sedan
Nick’s boyfriend: how was work sweetie Nick: nothin much just locked my bosses in their new office
Emma Sanford
Emma Sanford 3 dagar sedan
16:56 - 17:15 My dog when I come home
Soraia Gomes
Soraia Gomes 3 dagar sedan
Mind if I ask why eugene is not in the recent videos? I'm just curious
Ishi Saraf
Ishi Saraf 3 dagar sedan
6:13 cameo by mitch🙌
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 dagar sedan
Uh, they were locked in in the evening and opened in the morning ???
Htg priya
Htg priya 4 dagar sedan
Ayo where's eugene
Emma Backman
Emma Backman 4 dagar sedan
Personally I think Eugene is leaving the Try Guys .. where is this man?
sylvia 4 dagar sedan
His hair transplant looks amazing
Yoselin Serrano-Lopez
Yoselin Serrano-Lopez 4 dagar sedan
Does Eugene have covid or is he doing other projects?
Allannah Andrde
Allannah Andrde 4 dagar sedan
i feel like the money from vid should go to prisons, just an opinion :3
Kayla Saltamach
Kayla Saltamach 4 dagar sedan
I would really love to see like a typical day in the life. Like I know they work so hard to do all these videos and podcasts and product lines but it all seems like so much fun all the time because we see only the highlights. What’s a typical day like? Like their office sounds cool but how much time do they actually spend at their desks and what are they doing there when they have editors and producers and podcast gremlins and all that? 😂 Genuinely so curious.
RedRose1010100 4 dagar sedan
I've been waiting for a New Office Tour video... This.. This is not how I thought it would go, but I'm not upset.
Jaztine Jimenez
Jaztine Jimenez 4 dagar sedan
Giovanna 4 dagar sedan
Keith is 100% the most valuable friend! Getting breakfast started before the others are up? Priceless!
Sam Cook
Sam Cook 4 dagar sedan
16:27 Was that really a termite? My partner's dad had a termite infestation in a dead tree in his back yard and they looked nothing like that. EDIT TO INCLUDE BUG IDENTIFICATION!: It was in fact *not* a termite but a Jerusalem cricket and not dangerous at all, either. I knew it was too cute to be a termite. I hope you guys didn't kill it! :(
Caitlin Murphy
Caitlin Murphy 4 dagar sedan
try guys getting sponsored by constant contact was not something i ever expected but i'm SO PROUD OF YOU
Alexandra Lawson
Alexandra Lawson 4 dagar sedan
I feel like Eugene hasn’t been in a video in so long
Zyl Rios
Zyl Rios 4 dagar sedan
Boys and Bacon 🥓 😂
David P
David P 4 dagar sedan
Uh, they were locked in in the evening and opened in the morning ???
MKing 4 dagar sedan
Ned with his sons: Keith, the responsible, good son, and Zack, the mischievous, rowdy kid. Aaand Eugine--- the absent child.
Gabby Conley
Gabby Conley 4 dagar sedan
keith’s so wholesome🥺 favorite try guy for life💙
Amalia Gherman
Amalia Gherman 4 dagar sedan
I really want to work with them that office looks great omg 😂😭
Bethany Hoo
Bethany Hoo 4 dagar sedan
Charity Murray
Charity Murray 5 dagar sedan
It's such a dad move to show up with a golf putter. Oh Ned.
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery 5 dagar sedan
A.k.A how the try guys become children again 🥰🤣👑
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 dagar sedan
the challenge the try guys thought they'd face: having no internet but still needing to entertain themselves the actual challenge: fighting with the motion-activated lights
Sunn Bean
Sunn Bean 5 dagar sedan
And at the end of all that "let me call maintenance it's jammed up"
xRomethekittenx 5 dagar sedan
Eugene not being here, during pride, is a hate crime
Mayjane N
Mayjane N 5 dagar sedan
Wheres eugene tho??
Isabel Caldwell
Isabel Caldwell 5 dagar sedan
I love Keith’s enthusiasm in this episode.
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 dagar sedan
Estelle Bonnelame
Estelle Bonnelame 5 dagar sedan
I love Ronald 😂😂👌🏽
NaturalCurl Beauty
NaturalCurl Beauty 5 dagar sedan
Ok mad men lol
Renee Celeste
Renee Celeste 5 dagar sedan
Keith is looking so amazing, Zach’s hair is the best it has ever looked, and Ned is so well-rested!
Ashli Kingfisher
Ashli Kingfisher 5 dagar sedan
Keith needs a puppet series.
Maggie Rolseth
Maggie Rolseth 5 dagar sedan
This is the first video so far where I really felt Eugene’s absence strongly. I know the guys have been working hard in his absence to keep up the work flow and energy but I feel like Eugene should’ve been there for this 🥺
Kaileigh Evans
Kaileigh Evans 5 dagar sedan
Rachael Magerl
Rachael Magerl 5 dagar sedan
I'm so happy for you guys on your new office! Can't wait for all new things to come!!!
josh b
josh b 5 dagar sedan
idk if this is just me but this type of content is super entertaining while still being an easy idea.
Evelyn C.
Evelyn C. 5 dagar sedan
10th time asking try guys to try pole dancing
Annie Salas
Annie Salas 5 dagar sedan
Keith you are just simply amazing! You never fail to crack me up. Literally my bias.
keeptheareaclear 5 dagar sedan
Keith are those new glasses?! Very stylish, sir!
Candy Cotton
Candy Cotton 5 dagar sedan
This video was not sponsored by purple mattress
Arya Stark
Arya Stark 5 dagar sedan
I don’t dislike the Try Guys but recently their videos have struggled more in their engagement of the audience
Christopher Dempsey
Christopher Dempsey 5 dagar sedan
Amber Rae
Amber Rae 5 dagar sedan
That was not 24 hours lol
amee guzman
amee guzman 5 dagar sedan
So that voice Keith did when he was saying “ boys and bacon baby” reminds me of the tv show with the hormone monsters. the horn dog monster who has that same deep raspy voice lol I love it!!!! I kinda hope one day they ask Keith to play a voice character in that show cause his personality would shine through the voice I love all of you guys!!!
Hannah Marsh
Hannah Marsh 5 dagar sedan
Ronald is the 5th member of the try guys.
The Try Guys Get Kidnapped