We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate 

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We need to talk about the rise of anti-Asian hate and attacks. Join Eugene for an in-depth conversation about the complex, often untold story of the Asian American community, the unique struggles they face, and find out how you can help .

Speak up and speak out with us by sharing your story on SElosk and across social media with the hashtag .

00:00 - Introduction
04:10 - Yellow Peril
08:20 - America At War
11:57 - Model Minority
19:06 - Vincent Chin
22:55 - Black \u0026 Asian Communities
31:11 - Policing
36:01 - Hate Rhetoric
46:10 - Monolith \u0026 Media
51:49 - Generational Divide
58:29 - Voting \u0026 Representation
1:04:39 - How You Can Help

Zoe Malik - Research Producer
View our main resource material here: docs.google.com/document/d/1A...

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed
Bing Chen
David Dang
Mary Dang
Carroll Fife
Sean P. Fong
Shirley Gee
Asia Jackson
Andy Kim
Phillip Lim
Lisa Ling
Dr. Simran Jeet Singh
Annie Tan
Philip Wang
Rev. angel Kyodo williams

YB Chang @xoybox
Skyler Klingenberg

Aiko Igasaki

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24 mar 2021



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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 2 månader sedan
If you can, please help uplift, empower, and protect our communities against rising anti-Asian attacks by donating to the GoFundMe.org. Support the AAPI Community Fund through SElosk’s Donate button or at gofundme.com/AAPI. Proceeds will be distributed to a vetted group of community, neighborhood, and victim organizations.
ALPO YAO 6 dagar sedan
Why is every time you turn around every group of people trying to come up with a scam and before you know it have a GoFundMe up trying to siphon money out of people
Phoenix Chernock
Phoenix Chernock 9 dagar sedan
Bro I'm asian and my dad's side is asian as well and we don't experience hate we get jokes from friends but jokes are jokes people over reacting to all this... I bet 1000% this comment gonna get deleted Oh and if you're wondering I'm from Thailand 🇹🇭
Nancy Tansy
Nancy Tansy 24 dagar sedan
@Sanyo Nazyin If you enjoy Bat soup, yeah stay in Asia.
Sanyo Nazyin
Sanyo Nazyin 24 dagar sedan
Thank goodness that I never moved to the usa.
Nancy Tansy
Nancy Tansy 25 dagar sedan
GoFuyoself.... I ain't funding you folks. Well stop killing shark for their fin and stop eating stuff that could cause virus spreading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop killing rhino and elephant for their tusks. I thought asians are smarter than us... because they should know that tiger testicle don't cure anything.
Bryan Chezick
Bryan Chezick 2 timmar sedan
Why is there no talk about the race of the predominant perpetrators of these attacks. That is part of the problem. There is a class of criminals who are protected based on their skin color. You have to go back 100 years to try to blame these recent crimes on white people. Can't we just prosecute the criminals perpetrating these crimes now?
Jose Hinojosa
Jose Hinojosa 4 timmar sedan
How are you not going to be hated by these haters. Best food, most beautiful women, intellectual as fuck and spiritual, that's a balanced breakfast. Now, China is on the rise, and there's always someone there to try to stop any growth that does not benefit them. My prayers go out to Asians and all of humanity. 🙏🎆💙
D B 7 timmar sedan
You know I never thought about Asian hate ever, so I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I think I will start hating Asians. Thanks. P.S except massage parlor Asians, I won't hate them.
Lithium 1995
Lithium 1995 9 timmar sedan
How about telling your racist leftist friends to stop hating aisans? Or maybe the afro-american community as well?
Sir Reality
Sir Reality 13 timmar sedan
YES. I have seen almost no support for asians from racism. It's always about black people. That's bad because there are other races that need help. We can split up our focuses to other races instead of only one. I don't even get taught about asian racism in school. It's only about slavery and not what asians did as well. I don't want to support an organization that does bad things and get covered with, "fixing racial injustices." You don't fix racism with violence. How are you gonna get them on our side? Why did you forget about us?
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 14 timmar sedan
Imagine if one watching this viddeo, but is Iranian American.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 14 timmar sedan
Imagine if one watching this viddeo, but are Samoan Pacific Islander American.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 14 timmar sedan
Imagine if one watching this viddeo, but are Marshallese Pacific Islander American.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 14 timmar sedan
"Latinx" is not a race, but an ethnicity.
Aimani Daviddelacruz
Aimani Daviddelacruz 5 timmar sedan
no... Its not
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 14 timmar sedan
When the video says Chinatown, but one is part Turkish (or part Armenian), Jewish, part Indian, part Pakistani, part Southeast Asian, part Nepali/Bhutanese, part Melanesian Pacific Islander, and part Native American.
*NinaBina5* 16 timmar sedan
As an ally, thank you for educating me and giving me a resource to share with others!
C M 16 timmar sedan
China has focused only on saving face regardless of consequences. China were dishonest about Sars and the fallout from this. A year and a half later after the Chinese covid pandemic, millions of people are suffering and dying still whilst China continue to blame other countries and criticise those countries who continue to struggle to fight against the pandemic. Not only have China intentionally released the pandemic and chose to lie about it, they now choose to stop trade with key countries. Here we are watching this lame video about racism back in 1880s, once again trying to deflect from the Chinese Pandemic. Many races suffered in previous wars, many races have experienced racism in history. Rather than focus /deflect from the elephant in the room. China has lost all credibility and integrity. This is not a racist response but a human response to the fallout from this pandemic. What this video lacks is avoiding the true gravity of the fallout from the pandemic. China has changed the world forever now due to its deplorable behaviour. This pandemic is bigger than any previous historical event. China should stop looking at very poor comparisons historically and get a reality check to what has happened in this pandemic. Accountability, integrity and honesty would have gone a long way way back in November 2019 when this virus was released. This pseudo intellect host of this video is yet another sad example of China trying to deflect from the serious current issue. Anti Chinese sentiment globally is at its highest level ever and videos like this only perpetuate this mindset. You are only adding to the anti Chinese sentiment by focusing only on poor parallels to this pandemic. China is officially the most disgraceful and shameful country in the world and Chins only has itself to blame
Caelinyang 17 timmar sedan
I am a asian american myself, and it hurts my soul seeing my own kind being bullied because of they’re ethnicity.
iRO Chakri
iRO Chakri Dag sedan
Asians don’t talk about this because they are actually pretty selfish people. If it doesn’t concern to them or benefit them, they usually turn blind eyes to the wrongdoings. I’m Asian. I know it hahaha
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Dag sedan
Because we are having a race war perpetrated by the Left. More specifically, it’s an ideological war by means of a race war; divide and conquer. This is has all the classic markings of Marxism. We must united as Americans not African, Asian, Native or Hispanic Americans. Americans!!! Trump 2024!! America first!
Herovero Dag sedan
As long as Tik Tok, Kpop and mobile gaming communities exist, I'm pretty sure many from the younger generation are motivated to become 'anti'. I'm Chinese and it's really painful contacting a culture that I'm not even interested in, a huge shame I have to be a racist to myself too.
James Smith
James Smith Dag sedan
Actually the Native Americans, Polynesians, and Filipinos are first. I don't think they've proven that the Chinese and Japanese precolumbian traveler thing.
James Smith
James Smith Dag sedan
I thought they are supposed to saranghae the oppas and noonas (pretending to speak in fake koreaboo to mock attackers)!
James Henry Smith
Some people: "All asian are Chinese so coronavirus 19." Me: Cheezakimbap!
James Henry Smith
Dhar Mann is AAPI too, but it's India so people haven't been able to imagine that yet.
Im Right
Im Right Dag sedan
Are Americans getting too soft because we haven’t heard of any Asian beating lately
Sachira Erazo
Sachira Erazo 2 dagar sedan
"You're basic" 😂😂😂😂 Thank you. I will definitely use these words when someone critize my Sofia Vergara's accent lol
Nadela Offre
Nadela Offre 2 dagar sedan
Are there discussion questions/prompts for screening this video?
Alabama Coastie
Alabama Coastie 2 dagar sedan
I just love me some Sweet Government Propaganda!
LENNY 2 dagar sedan
*I learnt some new stuff I didn't know thanks Eugene.*👍🏻
Valentina Z
Valentina Z 3 dagar sedan
Everyone wanted a free Hong Kong before Corona, and yall get treated pretty good compared to WP, they ain't murdering your women and children lol
xinyu bai
xinyu bai 3 dagar sedan
chinese here😎
Is O’M
Is O’M 3 dagar sedan
Sending much love from Australia, love for all
reltard 4 dagar sedan
Im not american (im singaporean), but my fellow countrymen have been attacked for being chinese, its just not fair
reltard 4 dagar sedan
Im not american (im singaporean), but my fellow countrymen have been attacked for being chinese, its just not fair
Rich Burgh
Rich Burgh 4 dagar sedan
Its sad how so many of you forget that it was black people that stood besides Asians who were discriminated against by white people. We stood besides you when you were in the interment camps, we stood besides you whenever your civil rights were taken away, even when we were fighting for equality. Look at your history of prejudices and attacks in this country, it wasn't black people. Yet on this very show is stated that your parents instructed you to stay away from black people, not recently but years ago, why, because black people were (are) at the bottom of the racial pole and Asians saw themselves as white and better than black people. It took only a few months to pass the Asian Hate Bill and politicians refuses to pass a hate crime bill to see lynching a black person as a crime! Anybody that attacks the elderly (or anyone else) needs to be locked up. A white man killed six (6) Asian women, I've never seen any Asian protest against it! Why not? Because Asians don't want to lose their place on the Racial Pole. Why do you think the media only show "black" attackers? Because it deepens the divide. What they don't show you are the attacks by white people, look at history! STOP HATING US WE'RE NOT YOUR ENEMY!
Justpassingthrough 3 dagar sedan
what?! You are just making stuff up at this point. when did you stand by chinese people at the interment camps. jesus this is such a lie. It's the black people attacking white period. It's a fact. Look at every video or read the facts in articles.
gracie li
gracie li 4 dagar sedan
Why can’t I see the amount likes and dislikes
fernando 4 dagar sedan
There’s racism towards everyone for everything
Imani Celestin
Imani Celestin 4 dagar sedan
It's depressing that essentially everyone who's not European & white was treated like shit at some point in our history (and still to this day to varying degrees). Also, Idk why I never thought about the light vs dark skin bs applying to races/cultures outside the black community before, but it makes sense. I've had to deal with too in my life and it's such a hard thing to combat. I never know what to say or do. Last thing: I really enjoy that Eugene introduced Trump by calling him a failed business man. So good. I remember someone once told me they didn't vote in 2016, but if they had it would have been for T. Reason? Because he's a great business man and would do wonderful things for the economy. I laughed and pointed out he's filed for bankruptcy at least 3 times and had a business school that also failed. They had nothing to say after that.
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke 4 dagar sedan
Oh lord just why
Xi Jinping Emperor of India
Nobody is doing anything about Asian hate perpetrated by many Black Americans. I'm tired of people saying they're "speaking out" but actually do nothing. TALK is cheap
Lost Planet
Lost Planet 4 dagar sedan
Valentina Z
Valentina Z 3 dagar sedan
Big time
John Schaeffer
John Schaeffer 4 dagar sedan
Why,,, People Go To This,,,,,, BLOODY Country,,,,,, USA,,,, ,,,,,, We went to FLORIDA,,,, 1 week,,,, Was enough,,,,,, Never,, never AGAIN,,,,!!! NEVER,, NEVER,,,,,
James Henry Smith
The Black and Latino/Hispanic/Latina experience is also crazy not good here, they say anyways. Muslim and other Middle Easterner also.
John Schaeffer
John Schaeffer 5 dagar sedan
USA,,, DROP,,, VIRUS IN CHINA,,,, ,,,soon find out,,,,,
James Henry Smith
Fort Dietrich manufactured it!?
John Schaeffer
John Schaeffer 5 dagar sedan
James Henry Smith
The Black and Latino/Hispanic/Latina experience is also crazy not good here, they say anyways. Muslim and other Middle Easterner also.
Mel Crisp
Mel Crisp 5 dagar sedan
I've cried several times during this. I am a white Australian. This happens here as well. :(
jenlans 5 dagar sedan
Literally no one hates Asians in America. It’s just more bs like BLM with the sole reason for people to make money off of them.
Francisco CZ
Francisco CZ 5 dagar sedan
If americans know so little about asian american history... they know even less (or close to nothing) about asians of Asia.
Klytus 5 dagar sedan
Yes let's talk about Asian hate how they discriminate just as much toward people of color. How many Asians have you seen together especially in Seattle Washington State in public with a black person?? But yet again they choose a white mate trying to erase themselves not knowing for as the white man is concerned if you have as far as 1 oz of minority blood you are considered a minority period!!! Oh & don't forget the 1886 Exclusion Act to which thousands were slaughtered and evacuated from the USA. I applaud the Asian young man for doing this documentary video!! Try with cleaning up your own discrimination hatered?
Regal Silverback
Regal Silverback 5 dagar sedan
Completely unprovoked attacks against innocent people ... especially targeting the elderly! Hatred truely is a form of mental illness.
D B 7 timmar sedan
So is liberalism
Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen 5 dagar sedan
Why did you disable the like/dislike bar? The like/dislike ratio would be 20:1 with the 5% being the racists in this country.
Ayido_ 5 dagar sedan
I Hate everyone Equally but Have respect for those who deserves it.
Tina Hernandez
Tina Hernandez 5 dagar sedan
People are always looking for the next scapegoat for what the government is actually doing to its own citizens. If the government wasn’t incompetent it’s citizens who have never done anything wrong would never be blamed for their government. Watch as white Americans are going to be next as the target of hate because they are painted as the oppressor and people of color are the oppressed. It’s sad that dumb people are blaming Asian people for covid19 when it was really the incompetence of the government but I think the government wants us divided into tribes to keep us fighting among ourselves so the government can assert more control over everyone plus it’s profitable for race hustlers like Jesse Jackson
Jennifer Forday
Jennifer Forday 6 dagar sedan
Thank you, Eugene and the editing team, for talking about this difficult topic with such care. As a half Chinese Australian I was bullied and stereotyped throughout school.
PS_ULTRA 100% 6 dagar sedan
I just don't like the Asian culture who started this Coronavirus.... Asians are racist anyways... 🤷‍♂️
xinyu bai
xinyu bai 3 dagar sedan
Canada 6 dagar sedan
X. Huang
X. Huang 6 dagar sedan
Thank you for informing me I did not know what my own history was until you informed me because they did not teach me this in school.
X. Huang
X. Huang 3 dagar sedan
I am traumatized
Justpassingthrough 3 dagar sedan
did they teach you about unit 731 and the rape of Nanking and Mao Zedong?
Man Upon the Precipice
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." - Second Amendment of the United States of America Constitution If you are not willing to defend yourself after all of what has gone on in this world, after seeing governments fail now and in the past, the police fail to keep actual peace, dispense actual justice, mete out the law, then you will continue to cower in your homes wondering when you will be next. Your security and safety is your duty, and it is a natural right to defend your life, liberty and property from those who would seek to harm and/or destroy that. Do not let those above, who are just as human as you, dictate your life. All people have suffered at the hands of those above them, do not let continue to do so. "Semper Fidelis" - Latin for Always Faithful, the motto of the Lynch clan of Ireland and the United State Marine Corps.
Brian Nancy Low Tay
Brian Nancy Low Tay 6 dagar sedan
hi hi
hi hi 6 dagar sedan
I would donate but I don't have any money so I'll just spread this video and stream it so hopefully, you'll get money from the video and donate it to the AAPI for me.....
Mugen H
Mugen H 6 dagar sedan
Yo Eugene, really? Carroll Fife of Oakland? First of her all her statement is completely wrong. Chinese Immigrants came to California in the late 1800s to effectively be slave labor on the railroads. Shes also an Oakland Board Supervisor who literally said she doesn't care about victims in Oakland because it'll "criminalize the suspect"
Sathapana Rongthong
Sathapana Rongthong 6 dagar sedan
Where is hope in humanity when we have these people that blame everything about the pandemic on the whole race? You don't even need to be educated to know this. The virus started off of a small handful of people that happens to be Asian. Don't let me and other people get started on what you do to the rest of the world all these decades. Why it's always Americans, you gotta ask yourself. When you tell any other race to go back to where they came from, remember, you're not supposed to be there in the first place too(caucasian or black). Therefore, should you leave too? I don't think so. The United States is the land of cultural diversity, accept that already.
Welco 6 dagar sedan
Stop black on asian hate
Jackson Vang
Jackson Vang 7 dagar sedan
I respect you for making this video . Thank you!
Nina Andersen
Nina Andersen 7 dagar sedan
Even though I don't live in America nor am I Asian. I still fully support all races who esperance hate agents them. We should not live in a world where we hate on others only because they are not the same races as on self. In Denmark where I'm from the hate is target agents Muslims and I as a Danish person am ashamed of the Danish people who hate agents others races. Thank you to all who has the courage to speak up.
Free Eggs
Free Eggs 6 dagar sedan
Muslins aren’t a race.
F!zZ 7 dagar sedan
Lol! This is what happens when you worship wyte people. To all the self hating asian women this should be a reality check. Have some self respect and dignity.. stick to your kind.
Werner Harm strong
Werner Harm strong 7 dagar sedan
I support Asian people more than Black people
Lulu the shihtzu
Lulu the shihtzu 7 dagar sedan
I am a Korean Canadian girl and I personally have been targeted for Asian racism by my own teacher, my classmates support blm but not alm like im sorry what 😀🖐️
Official Vo1ze
Official Vo1ze 5 dagar sedan
Im cree canadian and apache you guys wouldnt survive a day in my shoes i get racism by every body and im 100% native american haha yup
CTY Z 7 dagar sedan
It was heartbreaking to see that one of the most famous children's' writer, Dr. Seuss also drew this kind of propaganda.
CTY Z 7 dagar sedan
Thank you so much! This problem was happening in my school and I was always being harassed. Thanks for speaking out! ^^
Angela Tchaikovsky
Angela Tchaikovsky 7 dagar sedan
Ew just ew. Is that a bmw??
けんJI HELLO 7 dagar sedan
I always love black people but after knowing the history how they stand up i love them even more 💕
red57 7 dagar sedan
As an Asian, it pains me to say this because the crimes the shooter did is heinous, but we have to forgive and forget. Not even Asian hate, but racism itself. If we keep blaming other races for things, history will just be repeating itself. I know its not going to be that easy, but we have to try to end racism.
2 FACE 7 dagar sedan
Stop Asian Hate! We need to all love each other not hate each other. What is wrong with this generation. I am Korean Italian American. Born here raised here. Just cause you think its our fault when its not our fault we had nothing to do with covid we are suffering just like you through and out this pandemic. It's absolutely disgusting to see how low people are willing to go just to show off there racism. My mother is frightened and I don't blame her. God help me if any one hurts or harasses my family. cause I wont sit on my ass and do nothing. I'm standing up joining rallies and defending my Asian community. More love less hate!!
bull p
bull p 7 dagar sedan
Asians are some of the most hateful people on this planet ,Okinawa Japan 1977
Aimee Kane
Aimee Kane 7 dagar sedan
This is just horrible, aah is disgusting.
K Joseph
K Joseph 7 dagar sedan
Thank you thank you thank you so so so much
Nick dat boi
Nick dat boi 7 dagar sedan
Man i love asians!
Touik lau
Touik lau 8 dagar sedan
I'm an 80s Asian from Cambodia .not me an my dad cry racism when my dad was hit by a beer can an we fell off bike.,90s we didn't cry when a Travis air force base soilder told us to get out ..I choose to do something .I join an Asian gang an we found back AP-ABZ- we went to war for our people . straight A kids standing up for us ...only difreednt we got condemn by our own people .an this soy an kpop cry to media an news .we didn't..my own people made me feel embarrassed to be Asian..80s kid.
GhostReconZB 8 dagar sedan
The racism among minorities will never end because the moment the oppressed class of the society finds unity and is organized together to fight the oppressors, it will always end up as an revolution: the bottom class against upper class, the proletariat against the capitalists, a socialism revolution, a reckoning of the capitalism. In order to safeguard the interest of the current upper class, the government (who got their interest tied with the capitalists) will always try to cut the bottom class vertically, separating them into different interest group (in the form of race, gender etc). Then from time to time, award one while discriminate the others (calling asian as model minority for example). So the bottom class will just keep fighting each other rather than realizing their true enemy and take the fight to them. Quit complaining about racism mate, the fact so many people really cares about racism (not saying it’s wrong) is the exact outcome those in power and wealth want... Just wake up Americans , and wake up proletariats around the world, see the bigger picture and play the bigger game... All problems originated from class problems, u don’t solve that, u ain’t solving anything.
Bryant Berlan
Bryant Berlan 8 dagar sedan
they hate asian?.. but they idolize bretman HAHAHAH
Mareya Cannenta
Mareya Cannenta 8 dagar sedan
All because of covid people think it's ALL ASIANS. Unfortunately, we have some very ignorant people in this world. I am a native Mescalero Apache American Indian I moved to the East Coast to be with my husband and I get told to move back to Mexico and I am not even from the country. I am tired of all the hate in this world. Even my grandparents in a small southern part of NM were separated from white fountains to drink. Native Indians were not allowed to talk their own language either go figure. This crap needs to stop. People on my block now think our neighbors are Chinese. THERE VIETNAMESE. Come on people learn all the cultures just stop thinking because of color, or the way our shape of eyes is, or how short or how tall we are, we are not from 1 culture. It's a shame how centered of ignorance people can be. No one ever talked about the killing of the Indians same time the Chinese community in Colorado either. A governor during the civil war in Colorado ordered a slaughter of the Indians in the SW of the state. Now present day, Asians and Hispanics both targeted. Forcing young children separated from parents stuck in camps in Texas. Asians being targeted as causing covid. This video needs to be shown in schools. This video is a good one!
Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin 8 dagar sedan
Somebody needs to investigate?the scientific facilities in Italy. Especially the top security ones. It stands to reason that Italy had the most fatalities if the virus was produced there. What a cover up for Italy to blame China
Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin 8 dagar sedan
I am wondering about why China is being blamed for the virus. Italy had the most fatalities and it spread from that country. Could it be that the real culprit is Italy? Can you do some research? Not fair to blame China if Italy is at fault
Sathapana Rongthong
Sathapana Rongthong 6 dagar sedan
If so should we blame the Italians? Lol, you missing the point.
Sophia Robinson
Sophia Robinson 8 dagar sedan
Thank you Eugene.☯️
Candy Crush
Candy Crush 8 dagar sedan
It hurts. I am Asian and I feel like I have to be careful where my grandma’s and grandpa goes because I feel they might get hurt.
Eden Alcantara
Eden Alcantara 8 dagar sedan
Talk will NOT help, buddy, you need to walk the streets and patrol the areas instead of talk talk talk talk talk. Stop talking and do something positive. This does not help buddy.
KamsahaKeonhee 9 dagar sedan
Its late but as an asian in...asia, this was really useful for us to understand more about these acts
RulesOfRen 9 dagar sedan
This is exactly why i *respect* Eugene.
Thức Đoàn
Thức Đoàn 9 dagar sedan
Please, go back to your country, leave America, You owe them nothing, You don't have to live in a racist country.
Ai za
Ai za 5 dagar sedan
@Free Eggs she faced a racism before just because she looked Asian so I think people really need to respect others without seeing their background , my friend didn't do anything bad tho and she's still not welcomed
Thức Đoàn
Thức Đoàn 5 dagar sedan
@Ai za she should finish school before making any decisions, if she is facing racist problems she should come back to the home country where she is treated with respect.
Free Eggs
Free Eggs 5 dagar sedan
@Ai za Is she only there for school? If so then she could finish school before returning, but if she is planning to stay then she better integrate or else she is not welcome.
Ai za
Ai za 5 dagar sedan
My asian friend went to america for school so should she leave her school?
Free Eggs
Free Eggs 6 dagar sedan
Hamie762 9 dagar sedan
Wh do black people hate Asians so much?
WhiteWolfGamer _
WhiteWolfGamer _ 9 dagar sedan
thats what a kaeren would say asian lives matter
vinnyexe. 9 dagar sedan
Every sub for a class should just put this on the projector and let the kids watch cause that's what I would do
Suporn Songmuang
Suporn Songmuang 9 dagar sedan
It's time to tell the white people to go back to Europe, this place belonged to Native Americans whom were descendants of north east Asia, scientists proved that
Canada 6 dagar sedan
@Free Eggs It’s still their land since they were the first to settle after they crossed the land bridge
Free Eggs
Free Eggs 6 dagar sedan
No the Native Americans should leave because they came from Asia.
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe 9 dagar sedan
Should Black people support Asians considering the fact that most Asians are racist towards Black people and they do not support Black people?
Hodzo Ieyasu
Hodzo Ieyasu 10 dagar sedan
The only thing I like about this video is his haircut. China must fall TENOHEIKA BANZAI 😐
Akinori 10 dagar sedan
The same asians crying about asian hate are the same asians who would commit asian hate overseas in amerikkkan wars while yelling “we’re amerikkkan too!”😂
Redbone 10 dagar sedan
Another distraction
Angie Fierce
Angie Fierce 10 dagar sedan
But first we should talk about Asian and Asian hate let’s stop pretending that y’all don’t treat each other like crap in the first place and the self hate trying to look more western 🤦🏻‍♂️
rhema coronel
rhema coronel 11 dagar sedan
Australia to,
zaberfang 11 dagar sedan
When all races actually have tendencies to be racists.
Melanie Rogers
Melanie Rogers 11 dagar sedan
Thank you for bringing this to the forefront, where it should have been a long time ago. Hate is ugly, in all its faces. Just love one another, why is that so difficult. 😕
Shaiane O Hara
Shaiane O Hara 11 dagar sedan
I am 17 years old and am haf filipino and Canadian and i love this video.
Levi Vegan
Levi Vegan 11 dagar sedan
Anti-animal hate kills 200+ animals per human per year, on average... Go vegan.
BeeKindRewind 11 dagar sedan
George Takei (from Star Trek) rallied Asian Americans vote during the Tom Bradley campaign to elect the first an only African American major in Los Angeles.
Allsvenska Parodin 2021
Allsvenska Parodin 2021
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