Trying Amazon 5-Star Products For Chronic Pain 

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Zach’s finding the best chronic pain relief products on the internet. Which of these Amazon 5-star products will do the trick and pass today’s pain test? Watch to find out!

Kelsey's video:

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22 maj 2021



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Dameon Welch
Dameon Welch 17 minuter sedan
This was a great informative video thanks yall ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kimberlee Lippai
Kimberlee Lippai 8 timmar sedan
Garrick coming in clutch with an Initial D shirt
applextree 9 timmar sedan
Can someone link all the items?
OpossumSweater 10 timmar sedan
I have two autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis so I get chronic pain. And it's not a question of if you feel pain but more of what kind of pain do you feel? Is it less? Is it more? Many who have chronic pain have to jump through hoops just to get some sort of relief and taking some sort of pain reliever doesn't help.
Sebastian Greene
Sebastian Greene 10 timmar sedan
I AGREE. JUST GET THE LAWSUIT. heating pads do nothing for my pain they're not hot enough
Awkward Butterfly
Awkward Butterfly 12 timmar sedan
Yo I have a butt pillow too, but for completely different reasons
Katieintherealworld 12 timmar sedan
You know you have chronic pain when you saw the table of products and went “wow I own all of those”
Kimberly A Doble
Kimberly A Doble 12 timmar sedan
Dear Zach and Zach's friends who have chronic pain I recommend a Ketamine Infusion Therapy which is an IV drip. The IV drip lasts for 1 hour. You go for 3 sessions. It's extremely worth it because the pain relief can last up 3 to 6 months long. Sometimes your insurance will cover it, if they don't the 3 sessions in total will cost about $1,200.00. You Must Have A Designated Driver to drive you there and back home. The place I go to will give you a privet room and allow someone to stay with you during your session. When I get the IV drip I will dress in my comfiest pajamas, fuzzy socks, and outside slippers, I also bring a blanket and stuff animal to hug when I lay on the bed with my feet and back/head raised. The nurses turn off all the harsh lights and leave on one very soft low light and they leave a video call on that links directly to the nurses/doctor so they can watch if you have any problems or reacting badly or if you need any assistance. They also play calm and soothing music and turn on the aromatherapy machine.when you are done they will roll you out in a wheelchair to your car and help you get in. You will feel extremely calm,sleepy, and drugged. The place I go to is in Pleasanton California and the place is called Pain Medicine Consultants and the doctor's name is Dr. Richard Shinaman he is a male doctor. Pro tip when getting the IV drip drink lots of water the night before and when you wake up also eat something before your appointment. Another pro tip if you have bad veins that are hard to get to, take a hot water bottle or hot thermos filled with hot water to drink in the car and a warm blanket to warm up your whole body, also angle the car heaters onto your arms and turn on the heat in your chair. When you get out of the car wrap the blanket around you and especially keep your arms tucked in so they stay warm.This will help keep the veins in your arms raised so the nurse can get the needle in better, faster, and the won't have to prick you several times to get the vein.
Kimberly A Doble
Kimberly A Doble 14 timmar sedan
Dear Zach thank you for the honest reviews on what helps you with your pain. Your recommendation on the sauna blanket convinced me to buy it. You and your friends stories about what you have and how you deal with your pain inspired me to tell you mine and made me braver to tell people when I'm not okay thank you. At 19 years old I got the kissing disease, POTS, and EDS. EDS eats at your collagen all over your body. And collagen helps connect to all of your joints in your body. So I have to build up my muscles around all of my joints to help stabilize them. And even if I do that my joints will still shift into positions that they are not supposed to and my joints can partially dislocate or fully dislocate or even get shifted into spots they're not supposed to be and get stuck. Then I have to go to physical therapy every week, swimming exercises for 5 days, and do the exercises I learned at physical therapy everyday even if I'm in extreme pain. On top of all that I also have depression, ADHD, autism, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, OCD, flat feet, restless leg syndrome, and PCOS. What I do for the pain is a Ketamine Infusion Therapy which is a IV drip and your supposed to do it in three sessions. Sometimes your insurance can cover it and if not the 3 sessions total cost about $1,200.00. It's extremely worth it because the pain relief can last up to 3 to 6 months long.
Maddie Betts
Maddie Betts 16 timmar sedan
Whaaat. I have that heating pad and it completely burns my skin off. Maybe you got a faulty one??
JoAnna Galbo
JoAnna Galbo 22 timmar sedan
So Garrick is fine
Gummybear88 Dag sedan
17:44 use a hot water bottle
hayateshou Dag sedan
Hugs to everyone living with chronic pain. I've tried at least half of those mentioned here, but yoga and meditation works the best for me.
Sarah Dag sedan
As a 30 year old with Fibromyalgia I'm so happy you're doing this series. Chronic pain sucks and it's even harder to deal with when there isn't anything visibly wrong with you.
Jaydane Jolicoeur
when you have the same condition as zach 😎
francine nika
francine nika Dag sedan
there's a roll-on version of salonpas and IMHO, it works better than the ones you stick on your back!
Ana Maria Giraldo Yepes
My mom suffers from fibromyalgia, and I am so thankful to all of you for making videos like this to bring awareness for chronic pain illnesses, because they sadly are widely ignored and downplayed
Solivan Lau
Solivan Lau Dag sedan
Zach's relief using instruments of pain + his striped shirt = new member of the Addam's Family
Eva Belle
Eva Belle Dag sedan
I hate TENS machines 😩
Mizz Monster
Mizz Monster Dag sedan
I need something that covers shoulder and Hip pain. My bursitis is CONSTANTLY kicking my butt, especially as a dancer. I’m always having to pop my hips and work around painful stepping
I have tourettes and i have the spikey mat thingy for my muscles from my tics and besties.. It feels great
wien nur wien du kennst mich up kennst mich down
I use the acupressure mat (by ShaktiMat) every night and sometimes I even fall asleep on it, because I find it so relaxing. The first five minutes are painful, but you get used to it.
Alexandra Meub
Alexandra Meub Dag sedan
From someone with chronic pain and periods, skip the heating pad and get a rubber water bottle from the drug store. Get that as hot as you like (follow the directions)!
a Dag sedan
I wrote a thirsty comment but it got deleted somehow so welp
Amanda Lute
Amanda Lute Dag sedan
When Zach's voice dropped an octave and a half at the end! 😂
Kieran Hatfield
Kieran Hatfield Dag sedan
Except for your face 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Me: spends months at a time with those damn things on my jaw just to make it through a day. But I have also in moments of extreme jaw/ear pain considered using a tens on my face.... that one I won't even risk
NatureArrows 2 dagar sedan
I don't know if this would help anyone, but I found trigger point pilates to be very helpful for chronic muscle pain.
Alexa Lora
Alexa Lora 2 dagar sedan
get heat pads you can put in the microwave. make them as hot as you want
jenny brown
jenny brown 2 dagar sedan
Garrek definitely pulls it off
Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush 2 dagar sedan
wait i feel stupid but doesn’t all pain just come from the nerves
Isis1261 2 dagar sedan
I’ve had chronic pain most of my life. Like the look on my coworkers faces when I said I’m in pain 24/7 was pure disbelief. “But you’re usually so happy and moving fine” Yeah. I know. It’s an art to hide the pain. Especially when the cartilage in your knees is shredded. Plus your kneecaps are attached incorrectly and have carved a path through your femur. Not to mention the cramps in my legs just because EDS does that. Let’s not forget the constant fatigue and headaches. Random aches and pains. Oh! And the oversized aorta that could tear at any moment, also the valves that flip backwards and get stuck. Plus the low blood pressure because my veins expand to much. Ehlers Danlos is a bitch of a disease. And American insurance does almost nothing to cover it
Isis1261 2 dagar sedan
Are there any other EDS people here?
Allena Smith
Allena Smith 2 dagar sedan
As a dancer that also struggles with chronic back pain, tiger balm is a GODSEND!!! It works like salonpas and icy hot except it doesn’t smell bad. It has a kind of tea tree oil scent, which is good for people the also struggle with sensory issues like me.
Allena Smith
Allena Smith 2 dagar sedan
I have chronic back pain and will ask people to punch me in the back and it surprisingly works for a few minutes.
Laura Aparicio
Laura Aparicio 2 dagar sedan
Zack: I'm always in pain Me: Same bro
Shelby Pullyard
Shelby Pullyard 2 dagar sedan
I have lived with chronic pain sense I was 14. I have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia with many other problems... I love hearing Zach talk about it and bring it to light how awful it is and how bad it can be!
Lady Piehole
Lady Piehole 2 dagar sedan
I use a tens unit on a 9. It feels so good.
Rachele__K 2 dagar sedan
Thanks for this video!! My understanding is the sauna blanket supports sweating and detoxing, which many with chronic pain, need to do. It's less of a "pain relief" item and more of a detoxing thing that may support pain relief down the road!
emily dixon
emily dixon 2 dagar sedan
I definitely feel you with the chronic pain ,I have struggled with knee pain since 6th grade when my kneecap twisted I am 20 years old now , but recently I have started having almost constant pain with my knees,so I feel you, recently got a tans unit and it has been my best friend along with knee braces at night/at work if it flares up,I am a vet tech
Gen_297 Victorin
Gen_297 Victorin 2 dagar sedan
What I learned today: “Be more McDonald’s when it comes to heating pads”
Paputsza 2 dagar sedan
... Zac, I'm in texas, it's 110 degrees outside here. If you want you can just put on some mosquito repellent and sit outside, see how you feel.
Komerican10 2 dagar sedan
I have chronic pain. Stupid SI joint pain. Even after having it fused, the pain is still there. It’s a little bit less. I just hate the shooting pain down my leg. I wish something could fix it.
Zeytin Bersu
Zeytin Bersu 2 dagar sedan
I need that super hot patch. Where I live heat patches are just warm. Not even hot
EnygmaINC 2 dagar sedan
Yeah... putting a TENS unit near your heart is a baaaaad idea.
Snatchural 2 dagar sedan
I've got that inflatable neck traction thing and CONFIRMED it does feel amazing.
Bendrea Washington
Bendrea Washington 2 dagar sedan
Oui’d Zach !!! Try some good ole Mary Jane created specifically to help alleviate pain
Avee Mae
Avee Mae 2 dagar sedan
Kelsey looks like lady gaga
Frankie The Trashcan
Frankie The Trashcan 2 dagar sedan
Here’s your reminder that if your doctor is ignoring chronic pain, you can and should seek a second opinion ❤️
braincabbage 2 dagar sedan
the fact that it was a Mercedes in Alexandria's story makes so much sense
Amanda Whittaker
Amanda Whittaker 2 dagar sedan
I too, suffer with chronic pain. I totally relate to "I'LL TRY ANYYYY THIIIINGGG". Loved this video ahah
Cara BoutYou
Cara BoutYou 2 dagar sedan
I have scarring from my heat pad cause it's the only thing to relieve my back and I'm too poor to keep seeing drs. I saw one for 3 years for vomiting and unbearable pain he didnt want to listen to me and sent me tona specialist who told me to put a salonpas on it welp turns out it was my gallbladder like I'd been telling them and when they removed it it disintegrated on the table that was last August and I have lingering issues that are still preventing me from working....I'm losing everything because of american health care
E 2 dagar sedan
Tiny disclaimer for the inflatable neck pillow. Be careful to not tense up your shoulders which will result in shattered collarbone like I just did 🤗
Lily Catherine Macdonald
In the midst of being diagnosed w AS so thank u so much Zach and frends
Stacy nonyabizz
Stacy nonyabizz 3 dagar sedan
way to write it on your taxes as a business exspence
Mackenzie Westen
Mackenzie Westen 3 dagar sedan
Lol I own everything Zach suggested at first except the acupressure mat and circular roller 😂 was actually rolling out my back with my foam roller while watching this 😂
Ann N
Ann N 3 dagar sedan
I don’t wanna do my stretches
Emilee Mosbacher
Emilee Mosbacher 3 dagar sedan
What about foot pain
Familiar 3 dagar sedan
God, I have EDS and I’ve never related to anything more than I related to Gerrick’s “I don’t, it’s fine” at 19:55 lmaoooo
Isis1261 2 dagar sedan
Same. Like the look on my coworkers faces when I said I’m in pain 24/7 was pure disbelief. “But you’re usually so happy and moving fine” Yeah. I know. It’s an art to hide the pain. Especially when the cartilage in your knees is shredded. Plus your kneecaps are attached incorrectly and have carved a path through your femur. Let’s not forget the constant fatigue and headaches. Random aches and pains. Oh! And the oversized aorta that could tear at any moment, also the valves that flip backwards and get stuck. Plus the low blood pressure because my veins expand to much. Ehlers Danlos is a bitch of a disease.
Mic 3 dagar sedan
This was so informative!!! I love it!
Selene Ricardez
Selene Ricardez 3 dagar sedan
Hey Zach, are you familiar with the work of Pain Neuroscientist Lorimer Moseley? He has a company by the name of NOI and a few books out there. Explain Pain and Explain Pain Supercharged. It is Mindblowing work. I just thought I would share:)
michele Dickey
michele Dickey 3 dagar sedan
Anyone know what AS community means?
Lilith Dillon-Parkin
Lilith Dillon-Parkin 3 dagar sedan
I've been having a bad day today with chronic pain and came back to this for the great spoonie humour. This made me feel really seen when I first watched it, I own a lot of these products already and was laughing so hard all through the video. Looking forward to the other parts in this series and sending love to all my chronic pain pals out there 💗
STUTZ Studiowerks
STUTZ Studiowerks 4 dagar sedan
I get it. I am super healthy and have unpredictable, often debilitating, chronic pain. Thanks for doing this video and for bringing awareness to this issue. Could you talk more about the "A S Community" that you kept referring to in your last video? I have no community...did not know that there was such a thing. Thanks again!
Paula Costa
Paula Costa 4 dagar sedan
one of my my chronic pain 'clusters' has a cure. i would need to not works at a desk all day, which is kind of impossible. the other chronic pain spots... i dont know, the intensity of the pain comes and goes, but when is comes there is no relief.... it sucks
Kasey 4 dagar sedan
Pulls out the Salonpas. "Don't put it on your face, don't be an idiot." Meanwhile my family cutting squares of it to slap on our temples and foreheads for chronic migraines.
Elle 4 dagar sedan
Thank you Zach. I'm so interested in that infrared sleeping bag. Haha Gosh my back hurts so much
geh 4 dagar sedan
ahaha my parents always had accupressure sandals and mats and as a kid it was a dare to try them.....but here i am now 20 years later loving bumpy slides 😭
Kiersten S
Kiersten S 4 dagar sedan
when i went to PT for the first time, i was so scared of the TENS machine. but let me tell you....that thing is my best friend. im saving up to buy an at-home one because they are 🔥
FallenAngel247 4 dagar sedan
Zach your hair looks great!! :)
DeeSnoopy 4 dagar sedan
i have Lupus, orSLE so i also deal with pain everyday. thank you
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole 4 dagar sedan
Salonpas patches are trash ... Tiger balm patches are far superior imo.
Nobody’s Darling
Nobody’s Darling 4 dagar sedan
I also have AS. Thanks for this!
Linny 4 dagar sedan
I want to live in that heat sack. My pain is my entire leg and I’m always cold 😂
The_Sparkly _Artist
The_Sparkly _Artist 4 dagar sedan
My Dad has chronic back pain from an old rugby injury and he just recently got his tens machine. He is now down to going to the chiropractor once every two weeks. It’s a slow going process towards some sort of recovery and he still has to lie down for a lot of the day, but he is now able to drive and cook and is way much better than when he was in A & E every weekend and having to walk with two sticks. This video was so important and informative for me at this point in my life.
Konopelski Kenny
Konopelski Kenny 5 dagar sedan
The warlike front architecturally measure because approval bizarrely choke across a dispensable baritone. tricky, alike grandfather
Lauren 5 dagar sedan
As far as singe your skin heating pads, I recommend the microwavable heat packs! That are amazing because it's moist heat and the have some weight to them! (Just don't get ones filled with grain, they don't last long.)
Judah Atkinson
Judah Atkinson 5 dagar sedan
I like Zach and Keith's relationship, they always want to put themselves in each others situations
Ashli Kingfisher
Ashli Kingfisher 5 dagar sedan
I feel so seen omg.
Joey Baren
Joey Baren 5 dagar sedan
The Salonpas was NOT lawsuit level. Yes I bought because of this video.
hey sup
hey sup 4 dagar sedan
Did it help?
Nyssa’s Financial Journey
Could you link the items pls?!
Nikki A
Nikki A 5 dagar sedan
I’m 27 and have endometriosis and other auto immune disorders. Chronic pain is difficult and can be ostracizing, especially for people who “look healthy.” I’m so happy and grateful for Zach using this platform to bring attention and let me feel a Little less alone.
Selena Guillen
Selena Guillen 5 dagar sedan
I'm late to this but yes salonpas patches are amazing. The only thing I've found that helps with my pain.
Isah 5 dagar sedan
Can you get someone with Fybromyalgia and Arthritis in these videos please !! BTW thank you Zach for sharing your journey with the public you're going to help so many people, much LOVE ! xx
lorraine uy
lorraine uy 5 dagar sedan
Now I want that sauna blanket. Not for pain relief or for losing weight. It would be amazing for winter camping in style.
Tiffany X
Tiffany X 5 dagar sedan
Would love to see more health devices like this from Zach!
Rebby Berard
Rebby Berard 5 dagar sedan
As someone who's had chronic pain since age 13 (I'm 19rn), the fanciest thing I use at home other than heat and ice is a golf ball
Dweblin Veltz
Dweblin Veltz 6 dagar sedan
Lying on the floor is probably enough to relieve back pain, unless you have a big butt.
TheoAndTamra Harris
TheoAndTamra Harris 6 dagar sedan
I too have chronic pain and seizures thank God I live in Canada I smoke weed now and I no longer have small seizures when I use cannabis, my muscles relax and no pain.
Nicole Delbridge
Nicole Delbridge 6 dagar sedan
When I tried the prism glasses, it made me feel sick. I think there are too many things wrong with me LOL
Ashen Rose
Ashen Rose 6 dagar sedan
My partner: hey torn the heading pad down you'll burn Me: I NEED THE PAD TO SINGE MY SKIN
TheoAndTamra Harris
TheoAndTamra Harris 6 dagar sedan
Julie Diaz
Julie Diaz 6 dagar sedan
11:30 Trigeminal Neuralgia is actually the most painful condition ever.
AliGames 6 dagar sedan
I literally swear by this salve made by an amish company that started near where I grew up. Its called amish origins and you can get it off of amazon its like icy hot on steriods but the relief you get is wonderful just wash your hands really well after using it lol 😂
Christina Miller
Christina Miller 6 dagar sedan
Lay on your back get a tennis ball on each side of your spine Dont don’t let the balls touch your spine, start at the top of your like under your head and roll them all the way down your back, put your feet flat on the ground and very slowing push on the ground so the ball roll down your back breathe nice and slow
jody lee naked
jody lee naked 6 dagar sedan
My pain profile... Anklyosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, chronic migraine syndrome, restless leg syndrome, 3 slipped disc's in my back, 2 slipped disc's in my neck, reynauds, neuropathy of the feet, occipital neuralgia, cartilage damage of the knee, and more foot issues that haven't been diagnosed yet. After I watched this the first time I ordered the inflatable neck traction and I'll never live without it again!
jody lee naked
jody lee naked 6 dagar sedan
Forgot to add sciatica. I developed it to due to malformation on my piriformus muscle. I also have elongated transverse process on my lower disc's that get does sometimes rub on my hip bones. Unfortunately it pinches nerves a lot or pinches the muscles in there.
Robyn Ruby
Robyn Ruby 6 dagar sedan
I have a nerve condition and my tens unit generally pulses at a level 10-12... I hope Keith is okay.
Madison Greer
Madison Greer 6 dagar sedan
I swear by my neck hanger, and Charlottes Web topical balm.
Nemo Fish
Nemo Fish 6 dagar sedan
I need heat pads that singe off my skin on my period haha but dang a massaging one will be awesome
Ellen 6 dagar sedan
I love these videos. I have AS and this is a great resource for pain management. Thank you, Zach
Mr Sarcastic Kunt 🤣
After five years of a battle with constant pain and waiting for two years to find a right solution I only have two words: BUPRENORPHINE PATCHES. Try that.
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