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31 mar 2021



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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 2 månader sedan
Best video yet?
Sheela Claire Gammad
Lee 11 dagar sedan
kimbap kidding
kimbap kidding 12 dagar sedan
TJ 17 dagar sedan
Devika Nair
Devika Nair 18 dagar sedan
Yupp...the best yet..you were having so much fun together
Amanda Shochat
Amanda Shochat 15 timmar sedan
I laughed
Daeberethwen Arbenlow
Daeberethwen Arbenlow 2 dagar sedan
this is the best video you have all done
Sophie Z.
Sophie Z. 2 dagar sedan
I come back to this video every few days for spiritual reasons
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 3 dagar sedan
Damn, their editors had a lot of energy today
Winter Eve
Winter Eve 3 dagar sedan
This is awesome - I laughed so hard xxxx
karla casanova
karla casanova 4 dagar sedan
Sometimes I wonder why do I follow this guys when they do shit like this. Then I realize they make my day better and make laugh so muy I cry. Thank you guy. I’ve been a fan since you guys started.
BecomingMe 4 dagar sedan
I've rewatched this video 10 times in the last week😭😂😅
Teresa Lau
Teresa Lau 4 dagar sedan
this has to be like the most chaotic try guys video
Iva Horsley
Iva Horsley 5 dagar sedan
Ned: suddenly has german accentt jUsT lIkE mE mAmA tAuGhT mE 6:12
Amelia Jamieson
Amelia Jamieson 5 dagar sedan
Diet coke and mentos guys, do a volcano with that!! You can even make rockets out of them.
Not a rat
Not a rat 5 dagar sedan
LOVED the howtobasic reference
It’s_ PeachyApple
It’s_ PeachyApple 5 dagar sedan
omg Ned's voice is so funny
Metal In Your Head
Metal In Your Head 6 dagar sedan
Did someone sprinkle weed on their doughnuts.
Kendra 7 dagar sedan
Jen Green
Jen Green 7 dagar sedan
I find it insane that Ned is a chemist and didn’t know that BAKING Soda is food-safe
dream hunter
dream hunter 8 dagar sedan
they could have a chemistry Chanel, informative and fun.
Things and Stuff
Things and Stuff 8 dagar sedan
Elle Eff
Elle Eff 8 dagar sedan
It’s interesting that Ned didn’t know that you used to mix baking soda and hydrogen-peroxide to make toothpaste at home.
Ange Pohatu
Ange Pohatu 8 dagar sedan
Beautiful Keith and The rest
Giovanni 8 dagar sedan
When they decided not to edit was one of the best parts of the video
Mary Bloody
Mary Bloody 8 dagar sedan
I wanna know if the toothpaste pills worked though
peaceful pastels
peaceful pastels 9 dagar sedan
The mustard volcano is the only instance of boy's being boy's i will accept
june kirslie
june kirslie 9 dagar sedan
Jacky Morales
Jacky Morales 9 dagar sedan
Are eggs and hot dogs not a food everyone eats???👀👀👀👀👀
sabby swizzle
sabby swizzle 9 dagar sedan
who edited this lmao
Keona Eisele
Keona Eisele 9 dagar sedan
Who else thinks it’s funny that I am eating chicken nugget is shaped like dinosaurs
Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer 9 dagar sedan
How haven't you guys called it try-dye?
bgm020b -
bgm020b - 10 dagar sedan
Sarah Schuening
Sarah Schuening 10 dagar sedan
Ok, but, like, Keith’s soap song kinda slaps
Love Me
Love Me 10 dagar sedan
8:17 is my favorite clip lol
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 10 dagar sedan
Was this secretly a drunk vs high video lol
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 11 dagar sedan
my god why did you make a video even mentioning this channel. they have millions of views and are just awful.. and very dangerous. numerous people have gotten hurt from trying their "hacks" I dont know how its still a channel and hasnt gotten sued out of existence.
SamanthaArts 11 dagar sedan
Eugene is my spirit animal
Life of Cole
Life of Cole 11 dagar sedan
This might be my favorite video
Lee 11 dagar sedan
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor 11 dagar sedan
I love this video. This is what I imagine it will be like when I’m back in the office with my friends; trying to be professional at my desk but ending up playing tag in the car park.
violets are purple not blue you twat
oryx 11 dagar sedan
The editor perfectly matched their energy PERFECTLY and I'm here for it
ThatOneSpnFan 11 dagar sedan
16:09 gives off drunk friends who are doing random shit at like 2 am
kimbap kidding
kimbap kidding 12 dagar sedan
I love their chaos
Eli R
Eli R 12 dagar sedan
This video is what "Boys will be boys" should be about
Emily Snow
Emily Snow 12 dagar sedan
Ned drinking an energy drink gives me anxiety
exhausted nerd
exhausted nerd 12 dagar sedan
Don't care if "they fall too much into personas than actual people" or some shit like that. Videos like these helped me get through what will likely be the most stressful years of my life and I'm sure I'm not alone on that
Addie Stifter
Addie Stifter 12 dagar sedan
i was fully sobbing and this still made me laugh thank you
Mustashee 12 dagar sedan
I'm assuming they haven't heard of the Arm & Hammer toothpaste with the baking soda in it
Jia Wei Ye
Jia Wei Ye 12 dagar sedan
Asmaa Jay
Asmaa Jay 12 dagar sedan
Who thinks the try guys are drunk 😹😹😹😹
random name
random name 12 dagar sedan
Nawww Ned in the end
Katie G
Katie G 13 dagar sedan
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for you, he is with you ✝️✨❤️
Leah Moore
Leah Moore 13 dagar sedan
I wonder what the uncut version of this looks like.
Pepper Person
Pepper Person 13 dagar sedan
I kind of like this crazy, unprepared, randomness of this video than their normal set up. Also it’s clear that it’s day time but they kind of are acting like it’s super late and they seem so spastic.
Yumna Wijdan Abidah
Yumna Wijdan Abidah 14 dagar sedan
On another rewatch
Amia Seeram
Amia Seeram 14 dagar sedan
ned sounded gansta at 14:54
Sophie June
Sophie June 14 dagar sedan
Even if you can do these "crafts" why would you want to? It's fun to watch the Try Guy mess around but seriously these crafts are useless and I don't understand why that so-called craft channel has so many subscribers. 😕
Teagan Smith
Teagan Smith 14 dagar sedan
Keith is a pro rapper
Eryka No Badu
Eryka No Badu 15 dagar sedan
Howtobasic? Yes, Ned. Never forget.
Ashie 15 dagar sedan
This is my frist video that I've ever seen them and now I cant stop watching them
Abigail Marie
Abigail Marie 15 dagar sedan
5 minute crafts is like a science project that in theory works but when you do it, it fails. just me? Ok
poopp 16 dagar sedan
they are like that dad(s) I never had I love them so much
Alana Bennet
Alana Bennet 16 dagar sedan
Jennas video taking all day. Try guy: FIVE MINUTE CRAFTS.
TheGyreMadHatter 16 dagar sedan
The shots back to the perfectly set up but empty filming area killed me
Pretty-Consequences 16 dagar sedan
Keith, just go get a pedicure or go to the doctor
Lemmy 16 dagar sedan
6:58 "bakla ka ba?" is a sentence in Filipino that means "are you gay?" 💀😭😭
terote arena
terote arena 16 dagar sedan
Whenever I needed to a laugh, I always go back to this video.
M.J. Meece
M.J. Meece 17 dagar sedan
I love the energy in this video
HotTamali8 17 dagar sedan
Love it when y'all go off script and just act crazy 😆 lol. It's so relatable lol I for real end up doing the same thing when I get crafty as well 🤣.
geekymaddy 17 dagar sedan
I’m at min 16 and all I can think is wtf happened to this video 😂 idk but I love it
GBRP - 17 dagar sedan
this looks like a Modern Family episode. No joke.
Mickey Patchin
Mickey Patchin 18 dagar sedan
4:16 "Ned can't not do math" So can he do math or can't he XD
S C-H 18 dagar sedan
I am LIVING for the runaway content with the mustard volcano! It's my favourite I love it! ❤️😂😂😂😂
thor1841 18 dagar sedan
I am watching you because ZHC told me to on his video
Co La
Co La 19 dagar sedan
Wasn't Ned the one who went to Yale? :D I am starting to have doubts after this video :D (He majored in chemistry... I can't) :D
Bea 19 dagar sedan
Not the mise en scene LOL
Bea 19 dagar sedan
I highly relate to Keith’s toe issues
Steffi Cunningham
Steffi Cunningham 19 dagar sedan
It's too bad it looks like they bought new clothes for this, would have been better if they thrifted it to reduce the waste.
Vlad P
Vlad P 19 dagar sedan
it's just crack this video is simply crack.mp4
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 19 dagar sedan
The hot huge hamster endogenously tire because appendix gradually slow despite a dizzy family. far, adorable trout
Alison Lozano
Alison Lozano 20 dagar sedan
4:09 Eugene is in despair Bc Keith’s feet are actually dead and filled with puss
Grace Danback
Grace Danback 20 dagar sedan
I was waiting for a Jenna Marbles shout out with that soap hand content! Has she been gone that long that no one remembered her iconic video? :(
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 21 dag sedan
Eugene that stache is epic
Sarah Kin
Sarah Kin 21 dag sedan
Ned loves bad ideas
Sarah Kin
Sarah Kin 21 dag sedan
Keith, no one would have known that “BEAUTIFUL KEITH” was the wifi password We all would believe and love that you just Had That around as decor However, I fucking love that it was the wifi password
belinda becker
belinda becker 21 dag sedan
The try wives should react to this
Luciana DeLuna
Luciana DeLuna 22 dagar sedan
alternate title: eugene messing up words and the rest act like their on crack i swear to god when he said balaclava i was laughing for a good 5 mins
uejsgsjsgajdtahsvsjwy 22 dagar sedan
this was a really fun video
Midget Phoenix
Midget Phoenix 22 dagar sedan
*Ned confirms he is how to basic*
Aleena Asif
Aleena Asif 22 dagar sedan
So the crew kept them in check. This whole video had chaotic energy.
SilverPhoenixAJ 23 dagar sedan
I need more of Team Nedgene. I just love when they work side by side or together, love it!
Carrie Bailey
Carrie Bailey 23 dagar sedan
I feel like this video is an accurate representation of me cleaning out my room. It starts off structured, timed, and on task but by the end it's nothing but distraction, nostalgia, and pure chaos.
Anna Inspain
Anna Inspain 23 dagar sedan
Every crafter knows 5 Minute Crafts are crap. It's all in the editing. Even the platform says they make their videos as "entertainment" ie not to be taken seriously as possible.
Klinac Klinac
Klinac Klinac 23 dagar sedan
Where are you going I am going to work me on work- 16:00
bob808 24 dagar sedan
Elliot... Thank you so much for editing this masterpiece.
Julia Stevens
Julia Stevens 24 dagar sedan
Either I’m also bad at math or Neds Math was actually correct
Aneena Subramanian
Aneena Subramanian 24 dagar sedan
This videoo is golden .. Editing is just perfect . 😂😂
bernice yam
bernice yam 25 dagar sedan
this vid was such a vibe tho
Rachel Yau
Rachel Yau 25 dagar sedan
SoAp HaNdS
Laughing Lady Leo
Laughing Lady Leo 26 dagar sedan
Ok but how is Keith’s toe doing
Shinji Toka
Shinji Toka 26 dagar sedan
The editing is just as chaotic as the raw footage. And I'm living for it.
LilSisBH 27 dagar sedan
6:15, was that a @Barats&Beretta ref?