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The is back and fresher than ever! Watch us challenge each other to the ultimate cooking contest! 4 boxes, tons of mystery ingredients, and endless fun! Special thanks to Kroger for sponsoring this video!

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10 apr 2021



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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 2 månader sedan
Who do you think will dish out the most goodness in today's competition?
Marc Maldonado
Marc Maldonado 13 dagar sedan
Keith that dish looked fucking amazing it made me hella hungry not even gonna lie 💀
Mealia 26 dagar sedan
WAIT I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS, why not the try guys and BTS (collabe) (i spelt that wrong ik) cook together in pairs. one day, that will probs never happen but i want it to in like the future
I love my cat more than you
the only cooking show that doesnt make me hungry
no_ one
no_ one Månad sedan
Karen Talachy
Karen Talachy Månad sedan
Keith is my bought
Redrally 2 dagar sedan
Congrats on the victory Keith!
Ellie Morgan
Ellie Morgan 2 dagar sedan
Something that could go in a cookbook…. Hehe
Livv Xiao
Livv Xiao 2 dagar sedan
Ned I love you but I don’t think I could eat more than two bites of your dish 😅 that’s so much meat! Amazing that you could do that in thirty minutes!
Livv Xiao
Livv Xiao 2 dagar sedan
When I was little my mom would make this pasta/rice hybrid (I forgot what it’s called) and Keith’s “pashtatos” remind me of it
Dana D.
Dana D. 3 dagar sedan
11:13 Zach and his booboo needing a kiss. 14:45 Zach - “Smoke.” *points* 21:12 Ned’s “red” joy at Keith for his plate. Unfiltered joy. 😁
Kenneth Fang
Kenneth Fang 3 dagar sedan
I like Ned's food it looks so good
Jessica LanSpe
Jessica LanSpe 3 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this video. Everyone seems to have a basic understanding of cooking food. LOL
Muskan Preet
Muskan Preet 5 dagar sedan
Just realized that Eugene doesn't use almond that Zach gave him I'm mystery box 😳
shecutie 6 dagar sedan
eugene faking his contempt for losing is honestly so funny lmaooo
shecutie 6 dagar sedan
as a pacific islander- zach smashing the coconut onto the ground has me ROLLLINGGG HAHAHXNDKSNC
Slime time Jolie
Slime time Jolie 7 dagar sedan
The parsimonious john ultimately copy because llama socially shock on a decisive castanet. kaput, furry furtive scent
Am Fain
Am Fain 7 dagar sedan
y'all. coconut + sugar is locally sold where I'm at. it's what i love to drink cuz it's so dang cheap and delicious. IM SOUTHEAST ASIAN!! woop woop
quack Im A Duck
quack Im A Duck 7 dagar sedan
Zach that was that you best food you did without an recipe did you remember your brownies in the without the recipe the childhood brownies/peanut butter and jelly brownies
Gabriel Meeks
Gabriel Meeks 8 dagar sedan
The abaft icicle gradually program because current sadly scrape out a thin instrument. abnormal, curly graphic
Laura Rubio
Laura Rubio 8 dagar sedan
Tam rymer
Tam rymer 9 dagar sedan
Beetroot is delish.
Slime time Jolie
Slime time Jolie 10 dagar sedan
The legal cousin unfortunately pat because lift consquentially push astride a female fertile helmet. tranquil, quaint condor
Jason Russell
Jason Russell 10 dagar sedan
Any video with Nick in it is a video I want to watch. And the Try Guys are okay too, I guess...
Lucy Chu
Lucy Chu 10 dagar sedan
I swear Zach opening a Mango like Captain America ripping the log apart is trigging me in some way.
Evan Baker
Evan Baker 10 dagar sedan
Horse tips
Horse tips 11 dagar sedan
Eugene didn’t use excessive amounts of alcohol
Aisha Qamar
Aisha Qamar 11 dagar sedan
Zach and Eugene are rarely paired which is so weird because they are sooooo funny together. It’s kind of refreshing seeing them together
Beth 12 dagar sedan
9:00 Eugene: F is for... Everyone thinks F**k Everyone says F...UN !!!!😁
Wardatun Ismah
Wardatun Ismah 12 dagar sedan
The guys really got better during quarantine man
Annette Snyder
Annette Snyder 13 dagar sedan
The round divorced clinicopathologically multiply because restaurant steadily release sans a two cockroach. goofy, deep step-aunt
AmondaRamana Graham
AmondaRamana Graham 13 dagar sedan
F is for fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!
manjiri dighade
manjiri dighade 15 dagar sedan
noooooooooo not the mango
ItsJustMe Coni
ItsJustMe Coni 15 dagar sedan
I don’t know why but i cant see Neds parts of the video, his personality its just meeeh 😂 im sure he’s a great guy tho
Royanne Ramos
Royanne Ramos 15 dagar sedan
Zach, mangos are soft You just slice into them
Ro Faulkner
Ro Faulkner 15 dagar sedan
I work at kroger
CrazyPGmoments 15 dagar sedan
Ned literally pulled a Ron Swanson! 😂🤤
Tarun S
Tarun S 15 dagar sedan
Coming from a South Indian household, I grew up eating jackfruit, because it would grow in abundance. One thing I've learned is that you shouldn't eat too much of it because it has laxative effects. Whenever babies or old people in my house would have difficulty doing their business, we would give them up a spoon of jackfruit pudding to jumpstart the process. Usually, if my stomach is rumbly, I dip two pieces of ripe jackfruit in honey and eat it because the smell can be quite strong.
BrognusBelgen 16 dagar sedan
This entire episode reminds me of the Iron Chef Yogurt battle, where Chen Kenichi had to feature Yogurt in every dish despite having zero experience cooking with it.
Ally Romano
Ally Romano 16 dagar sedan
Oriana F
Oriana F 16 dagar sedan
eugene and zach: "allons-y" me, a whovian: *looks up from my hamburger with my mouth full * aLlonS-Y!1
Karma21Girl 16 dagar sedan
Am I wrong or is what Eugene made essentially a tostada?
ShuHao 17 dagar sedan
not even a kid would think of "cutting" mango like that 😭😭
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith 18 dagar sedan
The silent starter daily point because salmon chronologically haunt regarding a energetic banker. scared, erect shoe
sharonat16 18 dagar sedan
I love them they are so humble lol Eugene " usually I would just write on this with a sharpie"lol
Skinny Buddha
Skinny Buddha 18 dagar sedan
I thought Eugene might have won. The hardest part was incorporating the asparagus to all of that. Zach could have done it so much better but he just didn't know how to use the ingredients.
Debbie Gomez
Debbie Gomez 18 dagar sedan
it’s so funny how much Keith had to hunch over while cooking because of how low the counter is. tall people problems
Ericka Murray
Ericka Murray 18 dagar sedan
Zach "hello good sir" Eugene "hello nice lady" 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️
rock n roll exorcism dude
zach shoulda called his meal a zachfruit sandwich
Melanie GarciaGuemez
Melanie GarciaGuemez 18 dagar sedan
They should try doing mystery box challenge dessert edition !!!
TheKingwakawaka 19 dagar sedan
But like EVERYONE mispronouncing Gnocchi though...
TheKingwakawaka 19 dagar sedan
why did Keith run off cam to wash his hands when there is a sink literally right behind him?
Adrian Rifat
Adrian Rifat 20 dagar sedan
Kroger is anti-labor and would rather close down their stores than give their workers a raise(which is happening in California). Stop giving them this cringe publicity, plz.
Allison Banks
Allison Banks 20 dagar sedan
The gaudy macrame intraorally desert because ice grossly taste after a secret badger. concerned, willing snowstorm
Abbie Vader
Abbie Vader 20 dagar sedan
So could we call Zach's box....Asian of chaos?
Naomi Fernandez
Naomi Fernandez 20 dagar sedan
Well now I'm hungry and want all those dishes
tree 21 dag sedan
eugene u r so hot with a beard
Chris Colum
Chris Colum 22 dagar sedan
The meaty dollar presently avoid because game ethnically pump aboard a modern segment. bent, necessary death
hayley beetham
hayley beetham 23 dagar sedan
The terrible tyvek unfortunately appear because polish supposedly stain onto a difficult lotion. accessible, muddled archaeology
TheJewelDragon 23 dagar sedan
A broken plastic hanger can be a weapon.... im not mentally ill i promise
David Snyder
David Snyder 23 dagar sedan
You can really tell Keith makes the most food-related content based on how he talks about food and what he created.
vivi 23 dagar sedan
i like how the moment either ned or ariel have no clue what to do with a fruit, they make a cocktail
Arabella de Koning
Arabella de Koning 23 dagar sedan
for the mashpastatoes you should have crushed the pasta before cooking to incorperate it better.
Muhammad Fareez Shah Bin Talib
Isnt gnocci made from potatoes..?
Super Games
Super Games 25 dagar sedan
23:56 I am oh nooooooooooooooooo
PotatoGod 25 dagar sedan
Take a drink every time they say fresh and you will have the same alcohol levels as eugenes dishes
Victoria Tenn
Victoria Tenn 26 dagar sedan
i Can always count on the try guys to make my day a better one. Thank you for the laughs! Been leaning on your videos a lot lately!
hi 16 dagar sedan
same, they comfort me
Mark Dela Cruz
Mark Dela Cruz 26 dagar sedan
This is by far the most head to head Without a Recipe challenge for the Try Guys. Just by looking at their creation, they are really good, as well as the taste as per the judges. Way to go for the Try Guys! Love from the Philippines!
Skeimii 26 dagar sedan
poor mango :c
patricia 27 dagar sedan
TBH, Eugene should've called it "ZACHos" Get ittttt??????
ღ ec ღ
ღ ec ღ 27 dagar sedan
eugene was asked what he was making and just said ‘yes 🥰’
Lisa Love
Lisa Love 27 dagar sedan
If Zach would have toasted his bread the sandwich might not have been to wet Alex study salt to much.not everyone can eat salt or want salt on their food
hi 16 dagar sedan
maybe cook a little more so that it's more thicker
hi 16 dagar sedan
truee it would've been so much better if he toasted it, season it a little and plated as a spread
Hayley Nicole Beck
Hayley Nicole Beck 28 dagar sedan
Next season for the finale you should have all the guys get $20 to buy the weirdest ingredients they can possibly buy and then they chose who they want to have to have their box to cook.
Kitsune-DAS 29 dagar sedan
I"M SCREAMING I"M SO FUCKING PROUD OF KEITH OH MY GOD!!! I was watching his judging with my fingers over my mouth like "oh no oh no Keith always does Too Much or Not Enough and falls down at the finish and feels so bad about it please let him have a win" HE GOT _THE_ WIN GO KEITH I'M SO PROUD
cza pabilona
cza pabilona 29 dagar sedan
Love this!!!!!
Vina Nguyen
Vina Nguyen 29 dagar sedan
I think Zach won bc so wat if the flavour only came from the sauce that contain the hardest, uncoordinated ingredients in my opinion
A Dreamer's Tea
A Dreamer's Tea 29 dagar sedan
9:53 Ned unleashing his inner Rapunzel
Chxrmd Im Sxre
Chxrmd Im Sxre 29 dagar sedan
i love keith’s energy when ned was wrapping the chicken up with the bacon 😭 i need that type of energy in my life
Carissa Macdonald
Carissa Macdonald 29 dagar sedan
Keith's cookbook Easter egg in here
Cristopher VanPelt
Cristopher VanPelt 29 dagar sedan
I just wanna know where Ned got the chicken
Jean Sprouts
Jean Sprouts 29 dagar sedan
I suggest remove the jackfruit seed’s peel before eating
EggieMeggiee Månad sedan
Eugene was surprisingly earnest in this 😂 very cute!
Nav grewal
Nav grewal Månad sedan
Eugene seems the most straight person... 🤔
B Louise
B Louise Månad sedan
I love you guys! I watch your cooking videos whenever I make a big meal
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Månad sedan
lmao me trying to figure out what a rugabaga lmao, i didnt even know it was called a swede since we call it a neep up here
Phoebe Brown
Phoebe Brown Månad sedan
I don’t think the pasta was gnocchi, it probably was, but I feel like it would’ve mashed better. Idk maybe I’m just dumb
ALuraShaneé Månad sedan
EVERYONE DID GREAT! Wow!!! Everyone killed it. Wish I coulda tasted it.
T. C.
T. C. Månad sedan
Zacks hair... improvement
Brady Bowen
Brady Bowen Månad sedan
Mikki Dickinson
Mikki Dickinson Månad sedan
I love at the end where the judges were talking about the dishes and they said that Zach's had no seasoning but still tasted great, Keith's face when they said that was beautiful 😂 It looked like he basically thought "but how? I doubt that"
O'Shea Johnson
O'Shea Johnson Månad sedan
lmao i was searching for this comment lol
Kendra Gorsline
Kendra Gorsline Månad sedan
Great video, but all the suic*de and self h*rm jokes make me sad
hi 16 dagar sedan
im sorry
Golden Retreevee
Golden Retreevee Månad sedan
I don’t have a favorite try guy because they’re all so unique and amazing in their own way. This is rare.
Mickey Blake
Mickey Blake Månad sedan
Can we say: Eu-gene-ius!
Jade Farah
Jade Farah Månad sedan
Are the try guys all getting progressively hotter or am I going insane?
Roni Flores
Roni Flores Månad sedan
Eugene saying "TOO-meric" 🥲
Aesthelie Månad sedan
the try guys version of chopped
sonu khokhar
sonu khokhar Månad sedan
the way zach ripped open the mango....
Itamar hassin
Itamar hassin Månad sedan
Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do
FlyLikeAnOwl Månad sedan
Keith took the advertising really seriously ^^
Will Seraphina
Will Seraphina Månad sedan
zach's mystery box can be used to cook curry :P
Hot Dogs 2
Hot Dogs 2 Månad sedan
I think Ned should've won!
Justin Dadswell
Justin Dadswell Månad sedan
And my ex couldn't make toast... with bread and a toaster oven.
Genesis Månad sedan
Thing is gnocchi is made with potatoes so mashing it with regular potatoes doesn't seem that bad.
Ethan Maxwell
Ethan Maxwell Månad sedan
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