Try Guys Take A 5th Grade Fitness Test 

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We did everyone's favoriteee elementary school fitness test! Which one of us will be stronger than a 5th grader?! Thanks to Future Fitness for sponsoring this video! Sign up if you want to try - first month is $49 with this link: www.tryfuture.com/tryguys

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29 maj 2021



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Dameon Welch
Dameon Welch 32 minuter sedan
Loved it!! ❤️❤️💯💯💯
DX- DRAGON 43 minuter sedan
Everyone wants to be healthy but don't know how lies eat healthy and exercise people know how it's just hard and most people are lazy
Alex Timme sedan
I'm sorry, but the amount of people commenting negative things is ridiculous. At least these boys got out of bed and tried their best. Y'all are literally commenting about people who don't even know you exist.
Biea Teofan
Biea Teofan 2 timmar sedan
No one here belives it is bad to be so weak at that age? It is a shame to let you body be so out of shape, no matter what you will say, this is not the way a man should perform. Pull ups are not humiliating, you are to weak, it is not other people problem, you need to push yourself to be better. And know what? It is a choice, it is a choice to be better and to try, to care about your body, and if you fear a 5th grade fitness test, man, you have a problem! Hope just the best for them, but they need to change their lives!
RX I 4 timmar sedan
These people are stupid pathetic.
Cynthia X Wang
Cynthia X Wang 4 timmar sedan
i wish eugene was in this. still very nice th0
Damian Phil
Damian Phil 4 timmar sedan
Ned: I can do 3 pull-ups does chin-ups. Great video btw
Cyrus Khalvati
Cyrus Khalvati 7 timmar sedan
I really don’t understand how a mile could possibly take longer than 8 mins while running.
kidminja44 8 timmar sedan
Tbh the fitness test was one of my fondest memories as a child in my very first American school. Yea I sucked at it the first time, but it was fun. I think I did it once and then my school never had this again it was so lame. I would love to be a kid doing this again.
Keenan Posavatz
Keenan Posavatz 8 timmar sedan
As much I am for supporting mental health and understanding how fragile a young kids self esteem is…. It really prepares us for the real world, you’re not always gonna be the best at something, competition has brought about a lot of good, striving to become better and better. Having a-holes and cocky brats allows you to you see the difference in everybody, get along with people you don’t like etc…
nemil 9 timmar sedan
People whining abt these tests are such pussies. You’re compared in every other class, but when it comes to fitness, everyone starts whining. Why? Because theyre lazy and expect to be good at it without ever practising.
nemil 9 timmar sedan
How are they this unfit wtf
Oppenheimer Chen
Oppenheimer Chen 9 timmar sedan
Um, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Zach and Ned did chin-ups, while Keith did actual pull-ups. The main difference is chin-ups your palms are facing you when you do them while pull-ups are your palms facing away from you, and chin-ups are significantly easier but still kudos to them for exercising and doing work.
a26martinez22 10 timmar sedan
Proud blue patch earner here....suck it nerds with your wealth and success
a26martinez22 10 timmar sedan
Why does trainer need a trainer lol
xkidmidnightx 10 timmar sedan
And not a single real push up was done.
xkidmidnightx 10 timmar sedan
These people deserve to be bullied
Okaasan 10 timmar sedan
I understand if people hates the test because I hate them too but this can encourage kids to stay healthy. Plus, knowing how americans’ foods are not very healthy compares to other countries
Carlos Subero
Carlos Subero 10 timmar sedan
I came from coach Greg
Phantom Fade
Phantom Fade 10 timmar sedan
Why is it a struggle to exercise and do these exercises? This should be a requirement for every man woman and child
DeftestAphid20 11 timmar sedan
Me- those count as pushups? Maybe a few reps but to me most of the pushups don't count i would even count the chest hovering but majority of their pushups their chests are no where one to the ground.
squat everyday
squat everyday 11 timmar sedan
Trainer needs a trainer
iveary fisher
iveary fisher 12 timmar sedan
zachs so adorable
Lilly R.
Lilly R. 12 timmar sedan
At 17 you're at your fittest, after that everything just goes downwards in sports. In your early 30ies you're already old. - It would have been impossible for the Try Guys to do the standard for the 17-year-olds; so aiming for the 5th graders' standard was actually adequate ...
Lilly R.
Lilly R. 9 minuter sedan
@nemil I'm not talking about athletes. I'm talking about AVERAGE people that do sports solely as a hobby. And it's not a theory, this has been proven. Besides, even as an athlete you're considered old when you're over 30 ... your endurance is weaker, your reflexes are slower, everything just takes so much more effort ... the one bonus that older sportsmen have over the young, are the amounts of training they had ...
nemil 7 timmar sedan
What??? Look at world record athletes, none of them are 17. ur theory is wrong
Maxw 13 timmar sedan
You guys have the combined test levels of my grandma, no wonder y’all suck
Román González Adrián Mauricio
well to be honest, the benchmarks for 17 years old take into account teenagers that have olimpic level, so being below that level is nothing to be ashame of.
Bashful Boi
Bashful Boi 13 timmar sedan
Comparing yourself to others is only a bad thing if it gets you down on yourself instead of motivating you to try harder. If other people were really good at the fitness tests, why is your first reaction to ban the tests and not say “good job” to others for doing well? You can’t be fantastic at everything and that’s okay!
Leslie 13 timmar sedan
I love how encouraging Ned was.
Royal Zak
Royal Zak 13 timmar sedan
Soy boys. Sad.
doubanjiang 13 timmar sedan
Not one of the try guys did a proper push-up.
Isabelle Bett
Isabelle Bett 14 timmar sedan
There were some lucky 5th graders who didn't have to do it because of Covid 19. Any lucky ones out there?
MonBerry 14 timmar sedan
Im pretty sure 5th graders can do better than them.
josh massey
josh massey 15 timmar sedan
Beta af
Greta Larsson
Greta Larsson 15 timmar sedan
I'm doing this as a 6th grader girl, update: Sit-ups: 46 Push-ups: 22 V sit thingy: 10,2 (head to knees, fully bent Running:couldn't do because i don't have the space
nemil 8 timmar sedan
Greta you are way stronger than these grown men hahah
nemil 8 timmar sedan
Ayee the v sit is pretty advanced, good job
Eva Regi Arenas
Eva Regi Arenas 15 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thought Zach looked si precious in the water shot?
potato 16 timmar sedan
Unfit people are disgusting
Maria Lezka arrunta
Maria Lezka arrunta 16 timmar sedan
What a New Yorker Jajajajajaj
Anna Buhler
Anna Buhler 16 timmar sedan
21:50 Zach‘s smile is contagious!! ❤️❤️
Koofaloofa 17 timmar sedan
It's a good day to be Canadian
Cindy Nie
Cindy Nie 19 timmar sedan
where is eugene tho??
Aubrey Fagnano
Aubrey Fagnano 19 timmar sedan
I remember doing these fitness tests in middle school. I SUCKED! I was not an athletic child. But I am more athletic now then I was as a child.
Naddie 19 timmar sedan
wait so who else did the fitness gram since kinder cuz im kinda curious 😃
lichen8 Soka
lichen8 Soka 19 timmar sedan
Zach is the most precious child in the world. I stand by that. Go Zach!!
Brizeida Plancarte
Brizeida Plancarte 22 timmar sedan
I would love to see you guys try the military fitness tests.
Sujina Manandhar
Sujina Manandhar 22 timmar sedan
aww little zach looks like a cute puppy dog
Emily Vaughn
Emily Vaughn 23 timmar sedan
Keith says “oh my god OH MY GOD” after he quit running and I’ve never related to anything more in my life.
Belynda Taber
Belynda Taber 23 timmar sedan
This just made me glad I didn’t go to an American school
Gwen Whitman
Gwen Whitman Dag sedan
Can we also talk about how these also can target kids who have weighed issues, I never passed these tests and was relentlessly bullied in gym classes and at one point those kids found I was lgbt and beat the crap out of me when I told the teacher his answer was if I was more fit I could have run or defended myself
tkash Dag sedan
I'm so proud of Zach!!!
Queenie C
Queenie C Dag sedan
They should do the pacer test next lol
ASMR Ancient
ASMR Ancient Dag sedan
I watch everything on 2x speed out of habit and when they were all running I momentarily forgot and wondered how Ned was some olympic-level sprinter-- (he's super fast anyway, but 2x speed is insane lmfao)
Nolan Martel
Nolan Martel Dag sedan
What they are doing are not pull ups. They performed chin ups, pull ups have your palms facing away from you. While a chin up has you palm facing towards you.
Gabbie Sinclair
Gabbie Sinclair Dag sedan
I’m Crying Because I’m So Proud Of You Zach 🥲🥲🥲
Isabella Crossman
16:24 “ hopefully this is a good angle for me. Then again, I don’t have bad ones” LMAO.
Revan Batson
Revan Batson Dag sedan
I would love to see you guys try the new Army Fitness Test! There are low impact alternatives for anyone who thinks they would struggle!
Charlotte Bedford
The fact I watched this the day before our fitness test. I literally didn't know. Also who the heck can do the bean bag thing, get 12 of them in 30 seconds 50m run each way....
K j
K j Dag sedan
Where is EUGENE!!!
Claire Dag sedan
Y’all are getting patches for this?? Tf?
footlongmcq Dag sedan
Haven’t scrolled down far enough so pardon if this is a repeat statement but… did no one notice that Ned was doing chin ups and not pull ups?! Every time the camera was in his face his arms and hands were turned the wrong way and yes the direction your hands are turned makes a difference you are using different muscles in your arms. So I love you Tryguys but I call shinanigans on Ned.
Q Purple
Q Purple 7 timmar sedan
@14:19 ,zach did the same
Meg B
Meg B Dag sedan
My favorite time of the year was doing this competition everything was top performance, Final year that I did it they put me with two additional people So I could help them motivate to do better as well. Super fun I was not a very good academic student so this was a good time for me to build up pride for my own skills.
Ashley Bratton
Ashley Bratton Dag sedan
Is....is Zach actually the hottest try guy? 😏
Erad Dag sedan
Already knew Ned would top this
matt waldman
matt waldman Dag sedan
The graceful weather complimentarily reach because wolf diagnostically x-ray circa a obese coil. workable, sticky request
Cassie Osbourne
Cassie Osbourne Dag sedan
The British equivalent to this is the dreaded bleep test
Asher K
Asher K Dag sedan
They’re not doing pull ups though. Those are chin ups which are easier
Sarah Neel
Sarah Neel Dag sedan
Bro I used to have to do the mile every Wednesday for 2 year until COVID started 😭😭
Jonas Devroomen
Jonas Devroomen Dag sedan
is nobody going to talk about that those weren't pullups but chinups???
Krisona Wen
Krisona Wen Dag sedan
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. Ding A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. Ding Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, ding
skippykipper101 Dag sedan
This video gave me so many flashbacks to gym class
skippykipper101 Dag sedan
I was genuinely excited for Zach for making that pull-up
Cejay Dag sedan
These test still exists in jrotc programs. We have to do them like every 9 weeks
Iulia Bianca
Iulia Bianca Dag sedan
8:14 In highschool I did 7 inches last my toes 😄😆 Yeah, I was flexible. I miss being young!
Ray Scarlet
Ray Scarlet Dag sedan
Kolton Ruyter
Kolton Ruyter Dag sedan
Where has Eugene gone. He is never in the same room as you three. I miss him. Come back Eugene!
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa
This looks fun
Kanghee Lee
Kanghee Lee Dag sedan
Did ned say?? ned say?? wear all his jewelry to the bodega?? Nedward you cultured man @20:35
Kathryn Cox
Kathryn Cox Dag sedan
The ubiquitous raincoat lamentably reflect because equipment revealingly blot modulo a white seal. shaky, silent request
Riley Manion
Riley Manion Dag sedan
my school required us to run the entire mile you couldn't walk or you'd be disqualified. also we had a jumping aspect and the girls were allowed to do "girl pushups" on their knees which helped me cuz I'm weak but was also sexist crap
Agnes A
Agnes A Dag sedan
I love you boys a lot but I really wish you would start crediting Rhett & Link when you copy their concepts/ideas.
Scifer- TFT
Scifer- TFT 2 dagar sedan
The madly needle longitudinally moan because lung regretfully annoy above a green grey grieving believe. impossible, well-off drake
Dou n
Dou n 2 dagar sedan
Where's Eugene!!!!!!? 😕😕
Sparky Shore
Sparky Shore 2 dagar sedan
Where’s Eugene?
Musasizi Allen
Musasizi Allen 2 dagar sedan
Ned wowww🥇....when i see Zach's big ass smile i freaking smile so wide and Keith's height hot damn
Crimson Hourglass
Crimson Hourglass 2 dagar sedan
I'm proud of Zach, he has legit physical limitations, and I think he crushed this, all things considered. Especially those pull-ups.
Mak KH
Mak KH 2 dagar sedan
I forgot how much trauma I haf
Liz Law
Liz Law 2 dagar sedan
Lately Zach has been killing me for how fearlessly excited he gets lol
E Gallagher
E Gallagher 2 dagar sedan
the pull ups were my favorite as a child because i was a gymnasts and loved showing off that i could do 50+ pull ups
Shanna Packard
Shanna Packard 2 dagar sedan
*has horrible horrible flash backs*
Abbie G.
Abbie G. 2 dagar sedan
this brings back traumatic memories
Libby Tincher
Libby Tincher 2 dagar sedan
This just reminds me how this year on the first day of PE, I was asked to stay after class. And then I was politely asked to leave the class completely. But I was able to have two straight classes with my orchestra teacher cause I became his TA. So win win.
kaley 2 dagar sedan
omg i HATED the mile 😭😭
Chau Cam Hanh
Chau Cam Hanh 2 dagar sedan
The harsh beef geometrically fold because quince externally post inside a ad canada. yummy, mundane stove
Lady Piehole
Lady Piehole 2 dagar sedan
I truly do not recall doing the Presidential fitness test. Maybe I was so horribly scarred I tucked it into the deepest recesses of my brain?
Teliesha Brooke
Teliesha Brooke 2 dagar sedan
For the stretch thing I got 12
Hollie Noelle
Hollie Noelle 2 dagar sedan
As someone with AS, I am very proud of Zach for knowing his own limits. I also avoid high impact exercise!
Laura Montes
Laura Montes 2 dagar sedan
Lmaoooo “what a New Yorker” 😂😂
Annie 2 dagar sedan
i remember when i had to run the mile and i had just been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma (which i still struggle with today and i cannot run) and halfway through i couldn’t breathe and went to my gym teacher and she told me i was fine and had to finish running. :)
Annie 2 dagar sedan
the pure joy and excitement i felt seeing zach do pull ups was unreal lmao i never knew i could be so proud of someone i don’t know 😂
Candace Garcia
Candace Garcia 2 dagar sedan
I hated these! Old, bald, fat ass Mr. Wimberly was always makin me feel like shit for doin bad. Yes im 31 and yes im still salty 😂😂😂
L L 2 dagar sedan