The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time (Re-tucked) 

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We're throwing it back to our OG Try Guys Try Drag video and giving you guys all the goods!

Welcome to Try Guys REDUX, the series where we show you all the UNSEEN footage that was lost in the original edits from our BuzzFeed days. We're opening up the TRY VAULT baby, enjoy the extended cut!

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28 apr 2021



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The Try Guys
The Try Guys Månad sedan
What EXTENDED cuts do you guys wanna see next?
Paper Towelz
Paper Towelz Månad sedan
the Olympic one
Emma Lilla
Emma Lilla Månad sedan
Oml please the 24 hours in the outdoor one
Elizabeth Espinoza
Elizabeth Espinoza Månad sedan
The legal alcohol limit, cosplay, the motherhood series!
Ponzo Danko
Ponzo Danko Månad sedan
Ashley Counts
Ashley Counts Månad sedan
You could give me an hour long episode of anything you guys are in and I would binge it
Joann Fernandes
Joann Fernandes 44 minuter sedan
Keith’s “What?” At 18:13 is so precious
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes 7 timmar sedan
Zach reminds me of the older woman in studio 54 and IDK why LMAO I think it's the hair and the sequins
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes 8 timmar sedan
Eugenes sisters were way more supportive than buzzfeed made it seem. We need all the buzzfeed videos remastered lol
Cerise Medina
Cerise Medina 9 timmar sedan
Busted & clocked are not “drag” terms.
ariesk1001 9 timmar sedan
This brought me so much joy!
Arithealien 14 timmar sedan
I wanna see them do drag again 😩but they gotta do everything themselves like the makeup and outfits 🧍🏽‍♀️
Carrigan Davison
Carrigan Davison 15 timmar sedan
I love how Diana interacted with them
Jen Rig
Jen Rig 15 timmar sedan
Loved this.
Shwizel243 Dag sedan
ugene was definitely the prettiest
Janet Paz
Janet Paz Dag sedan
I think the Try Wives should try drag
Megan Jarvis
Megan Jarvis Dag sedan
zack grandma so sweet
est1420 Dag sedan
Coming out of the closet publicly has lifted a weight off Eugene's shoulders. He doesn't need to focus on hiding it in front of the camra anymore. Love you. Happy pride!!!
Tiny_Ninja_gir l
Why is Ned a better woman than me
zenon babycakes
zenon babycakes Dag sedan
Only eight minutes and I watch it all millions times through
isisnoreija 2 dagar sedan
I love the video and I send lots of love to you from Germany 😊
AlyInk 2 dagar sedan
I'd love to see them re-try this once things re-open, and also get the try wives to try out being Kings.
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes 8 timmar sedan
Drag king makeup is so hard lol i can never get my forehead right 😨
Nicki Plague
Nicki Plague 2 dagar sedan
Is it weird that young Eugene reminds me strongly of my Japanese cousin Ken? Like he looks SOO much like my cousin...slightly lighter, yellower skintone and my cousin's jawline is not that strong, but damn.
luxe 2 dagar sedan
39:19 I cackled when he was tryna grab the money but ended up smacking it XD
little miss bubble
little miss bubble 2 dagar sedan
The original video introduced me to drag, but being a girl, I thought I had to become a drag king, but that wasn't as appealing to me. Now, watching this, doing more research on drag, I know that I can do it. It makes me want to do more to support the queer community. I want to do more to support my community. This video was amazing. I love the representation, I love the education, and I love how much fun the guys had.
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman 2 dagar sedan
The honorable agenda evocatively subtract because rub hepatosplenomegaly prepare apropos a ludicrous greek. acceptable, easy rowboat
Júlia Dias
Júlia Dias 2 dagar sedan
I neeed more Keith doing drag
Ronald Wade
Ronald Wade 2 dagar sedan
The extra-large extra-small exuberant tendency nearly kick because zipper marginally stop than a colorful cloth. aback, ad resolution
Nakihu Art
Nakihu Art 2 dagar sedan
6:20 Maggie coming in from the side is just genius 😂
dltmdwnfkdldjs 2 dagar sedan
good to see the whole behind scenes!!
tsukipuppy 2 dagar sedan
"...Isn't it weird to think that glue sticks are most commonly bought by elementary school kids and drag queens?..." Well, you can spot cosplayers on that same aisle as well 😂
S T 2 dagar sedan
I was thinking you redid it :( not just an extended of an old video. booo
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes 8 timmar sedan
It's still never before seen footage though I also thought they re-did it but I wouldn't boo them
Makayla 3 dagar sedan
why was ned amazing
Isabelle Berger
Isabelle Berger 3 dagar sedan
Maggie appearing when zach says he’s single
Kelda_crossing 3 dagar sedan
No shade to the other girls, but Ned killed it out there!
RulesOfRen 4 dagar sedan
The Try Guys: *exist* Toxic Masculinity: *aight ima go out*
moking jay
moking jay 4 dagar sedan
12:35 wasnt he on next in fashion?
rewindvampire66 4 dagar sedan
Try Guys really gave a middle finger to buzzfeed with this one 😂😂
Jaslene Dearing
Jaslene Dearing 4 dagar sedan
Eugene was fucking fierce
101winkme 4 dagar sedan
I absolutely love this! I’ve learned so much and have become more appreciative of drag!! 💜
Zarith Zambrose
Zarith Zambrose 4 dagar sedan
I was like "Awww... Zack looks like cute girl..-" then he started dancing like a batshit crazy person and I went "Nevermind, he's still Zack LOL XD XD"
Geniely Cruz
Geniely Cruz 5 dagar sedan
I loooove Zach's performance oh my god lol
Magdalena 5 dagar sedan
Magdalena 5 dagar sedan
I would give more thumbs up to this video if I could
Samantha Suddeth
Samantha Suddeth 5 dagar sedan
Eugene is so hott
The Vlogging Goddesses
Who else low-key started crying when it became obvious about what Eugene said to mayhem?
Ana Harding
Ana Harding 5 dagar sedan
Ipshita Kanungo
Ipshita Kanungo 5 dagar sedan
I am late to the video, but am I the only one who noticed Shane lol 😂
VeNuS 5 dagar sedan
Yasss queens! This is so much better than the original. I love love love it ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳‍🌈
Carrigan Davison
Carrigan Davison 5 dagar sedan
When Ned ripped his wig off
Leah Moore
Leah Moore 6 dagar sedan
Please do this with all your old buzzfeed videos.
Christina Lisgaris
Christina Lisgaris 6 dagar sedan
Keith is the best
dog bastard
dog bastard 6 dagar sedan
I’m sorry for being a lesbian but champagne canne is so fucking hot and attractive sorry 😖
Mrs. Alien Rope
Mrs. Alien Rope 6 dagar sedan
would love to see them redo it, make it even better now they know what it takes.
Margaret Burnham
Margaret Burnham 7 dagar sedan
That was so much fun to watch!
Joy 7 dagar sedan
Keith’s face was so stunning! They should do the drag makeup again just so we can have more beautiful Keith
animageekgurlfan1346 7 dagar sedan
Im glad to see the whole video
Camila Corona Fazolari
This makes me think about how much great content we missed because of the way buzzfeed wanted to present their videos
TheKideH 7 dagar sedan
This is everything!
MMM0nty 7 dagar sedan
33:06 Keith reminds me of Lady D from RE walking through a doorway
Jungkooks donut from the Dynamite MV
Eugene’s make up literally makes him look so hot I know this is like a month ago but oh my God HES JUST UGJHJSJAJA
R M 7 dagar sedan
18:22 - 18:28 pure chaos 😂
R M 7 dagar sedan
18:23 - 18:26 pure chaos 😂
Kick With Nick
Kick With Nick 8 dagar sedan
Drag queens are the most FUN and ENERGETIC peeps you'll ever meet
jh76103 8 dagar sedan
Last guy looked like Courtney Love.
Joshua O'Neill
Joshua O'Neill 8 dagar sedan
"My mother let me into her House of Stupid. I didn't think I was gonna be dumb enough." "You is girl, you is!" Mother/daughter relationships are so wholesome.
Jasmine Zapata
Jasmine Zapata 8 dagar sedan
wow the first drag video was my favorite, i just realized how old i’m getting since its also a day before my birthday 🥲
Cheyenne Luscher
Cheyenne Luscher 8 dagar sedan
dude I loved that, they were all beautiful, and they looked like they had so much fun doing it. it's been a while since I genuinely enjoyed a video on youtube
Zoey Snow
Zoey Snow 8 dagar sedan
*”how am i feeling.”* 😭😭😭
shecutie 8 dagar sedan
i’ve been wishing for a longer version of this video ever since middle school omg
Arthur Valentine
Arthur Valentine 8 dagar sedan
Keith is sooo Beautiful
dome alejadre
dome alejadre 8 dagar sedan
hahahahha ned looks like cheryl hole
averi s
averi s 8 dagar sedan
Neuro September
Neuro September 8 dagar sedan
Keith looks so pretty at 18:10
Victoria Koopman
Victoria Koopman 8 dagar sedan
I just love this video
Eunice Braga
Eunice Braga 9 dagar sedan
I'm not yet done but I am loving how we're seeing more of these queens compared to the Buzzfeed cut. This goes deeper into the artform and the artist and I appreciate this version.
MECH Edits
MECH Edits 9 dagar sedan
Ned looks like if Courtney Act and Shannel had a baby
gracie barton
gracie barton 9 dagar sedan
ooo wait allusia reminds me a lot of pandora boxx
The King Of Cinema
The King Of Cinema 9 dagar sedan
Love The Shallows tie-in videos. There has to have been more to the sharks swimming and raft videos in that series than what we saw in the final cuts.
Ashlynn 9 dagar sedan
Watching this for pride this year
Snow The Wolfskypup
Snow The Wolfskypup 9 dagar sedan
Funny how this was recommended on the 2nd day of june
Christina Miller French
I'm a first time viewer. 1st video was you guy's taking pictures to match with famous men & how you all felt about your bodies comparing to them. A couple hours later I'm still watching!! I remember telling my self.... ok I'll watch just one more video... these guy's are pretty awesome. I think I'm addicted lol cos again hours after that I'm watching this video & looking to ahead to see what other videos of yours. Love how you allow yourself to be open, honest & the way each of you Express yourself just awesome 👌👏 wonderful for young men to see this and realize that they're not alone in feelings they may have about themselves. Wow. Much love & respect.
ohsoprettyeyed 9 dagar sedan
Asnton Scroot
Asnton Scroot 10 dagar sedan
The debonair chin jointly bolt because mayonnaise conversly hang vice a petite mascara. next, aboriginal sign
Juanita Moya
Juanita Moya 10 dagar sedan
Watching this in June! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Bean Soda
Bean Soda 10 dagar sedan
damn, how do drag queens pass so fucking well...just asking for a friend
Ferret Fairy Riddle
Ferret Fairy Riddle 10 dagar sedan
I am soo proud of an for Eugene for going all in and not holding back. Good for you so brave to share the way you did and come out with a connection. And all the guys did great 👍.
Keira 10 dagar sedan
keith and eugene could be legit drag queens if they wanted to tho
ssj panda
ssj panda 10 dagar sedan
(word vomit warning) I wanna be a drag king, I feel like it would do so much for me and seems so awesome. I'm a petite, very skinny woman and a person who likes to write and draw, and express myself through that. There's always been this disconnect between my physical body and who I am/my internal self. I have characters I spend hours tailoring because I connect to them so much- and all of them are masculine looking, with one specific type. I just feel like I belong in an entirely different body than mine, which is tall, lanky, curly haired, and bearded. But not necessarily male. But I don't know if I fit better into a man's body. There's just these parts of people, these people I see, and I want to be them. Uh, anyone have any thoughts or advice for me?
Sarah Albright
Sarah Albright 10 dagar sedan
I just realize that Zach in drag kind a looks like katya lol
Dalton Management - Parkview Apartments
lu the simp
lu the simp 10 dagar sedan
xplode1818 11 dagar sedan
Best drag queen is Courtney act
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming 11 dagar sedan
@The Try Guys I remember when I saw the original version of this video 4 years ago and I was amazed to see people expressing themselves that way. It opened my sheltered eyes to a world where I didn't have to only present a feminine me but could also wear men's clothes and that it was ok. My dad never wanted me to "dress like a boy" because I was a girl and I just believed that he was right about cross dressing till I saw your video and learned that he was wrong. So thank you for opening up my eyes beyond the sheltred, ignorant bubble that my dad kept me in for many years.
Cats Pajamboree
Cats Pajamboree 11 dagar sedan
still absolutely annoyed about the lack of hip pads and corsets to create a proper silhouette
Claudia Bond
Claudia Bond 11 dagar sedan
I wish I was there to hear the real Music. Stupid copyright. :/
Ayumi 11 dagar sedan
6:20 I am laughing so hard that they put Maggie there in the edittt
Eri Homma
Eri Homma 11 dagar sedan
kk johnson
kk johnson 11 dagar sedan
did people really think Eugene was straight then ??
hannah j
hannah j 11 dagar sedan
Njoki the nerd
Njoki the nerd 11 dagar sedan
Dating a dragqueen is phenomenal.....btw I'm a girl
Karen Antle
Karen Antle 11 dagar sedan
Zach you were quite attractive, the moves though 😂😂😂
Karen Antle
Karen Antle 11 dagar sedan
Eugene!!! The body 😍😍😍
Karen Antle
Karen Antle 11 dagar sedan
Ned…prettier than me.
Karen Antle
Karen Antle 11 dagar sedan
Keith! Way better than my wildest dreams :)
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