Surprising ZHC With $4200 Custom iPhone 12s 

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ZHC hooked us up with some amazing custom wall art for our NEW office and we returned the favor with some ~equally~ as artistic iPhone art! Watch the entire video to get the amazing mural reveal and head over to the @ZHC Crafts channel to see his whole process!

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12 maj 2021



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The Try Guys
The Try Guys Månad sedan
We’re giving away two iPhones from our ZHC collab to two lucky subscribers! Just tweet us a screenshot (@tryguys) showing you subscribed! Will you get Keith’s Saucy Steak phone or Zach’s Ode To Merch phone? We’ll announce the winners on Twitter tomorrow morning at 10am PT! GOOD LUCK!
Reino Tleel
Reino Tleel 19 dagar sedan
I don’t have social media
The Epic Gamer 6000
The Epic Gamer 6000 21 dag sedan
debbie irebia
debbie irebia 21 dag sedan
taco23 21 dag sedan
Also I love steak soooooo.......
taco23 21 dag sedan
I dont have twitter! I am subbed tho so pls choose me you can look it up!!! Also have been subbed to Zach (ZHC) for 2 years now and rlly love this collab!
Eveleen Espaldon
Eveleen Espaldon 6 timmar sedan
Wahaha Keith's pitch 😂😂😂
Corpse fan
Corpse fan Dag sedan
Plz plz plz can I have the z iPhone 12 plz I love your channel and im subed to you plz plz plz
kowsigi suresh
kowsigi suresh 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone else think that the fact that Ned says yes daddy is HILARIOUS
lily 2 dagar sedan
Keith "bullshit master" Habersberger
Betty Munroe
Betty Munroe 2 dagar sedan
Where is Eugene?????
olivia 2 dagar sedan
can i have the steak pls its SO COOL
Vorhis 3 dagar sedan
Lexi Rodriguez
Lexi Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Can I pls win the iPhone I want to give it to my brother for his b day and graduation gift
serenityq26 5 dagar sedan
no idea who zhc is but we can get married
Juan Builes
Juan Builes 6 dagar sedan
notice how eugene's tiger is outside of the composition in a tiny bubble that can be covered lately... yeah he's leaving i think
Jamar Jobs
Jamar Jobs 7 dagar sedan
The use of the word surprise here is interesting. Is the title supposed to be a commentary?
Izzie Stevens
Izzie Stevens 7 dagar sedan
Where has Eugene been lately? Is he okay?
Rhiannon Jones
Rhiannon Jones 7 dagar sedan
Love all you guys
Shawn Leary
Shawn Leary 8 dagar sedan
I def should’ve waited till the end to say this BUT! Mr. Zach Korndiddy sir.... I also have that DBZ t-shirt... Target? Ty, that is all.
Pineapple 8 dagar sedan
I love how Zach is so shy around everyone but then in his videos hes so funny/crazy/wild/energetic
Emily. White.
Emily. White. 8 dagar sedan
I watch ZHC’s video first and the hall was so cool!
noly Cooper
noly Cooper 8 dagar sedan
ZHC was like, Lol you dumbfucks but I do appreciate the effort.
Jada Dennis
Jada Dennis 9 dagar sedan
actually keith you should have peeled the tap while it was still wet so it dosent peel the edges too :)
Protea Oaxaca
Protea Oaxaca 10 dagar sedan
We all know the try guys by now and can tell the difference between a comfortable fun chaotic funny photo shoot versus a boring scripted scheduled shoot
Gilmarie Brioso
Gilmarie Brioso 10 dagar sedan
“In what? A car?” Lmaoooooo
Esmee Throckmorton
Esmee Throckmorton 10 dagar sedan
I feel like he really wasn’t impressed by any of them and that makes me sad
Althaf Laudza Kautsar
How are u supposed to be impressed when its not that good and hes not good at suprise meaning he cannot express things when suprised so he dont really know how to express this n that
QWERTYKristy 11 dagar sedan
Sadie Fay
Sadie Fay 11 dagar sedan
Omg I wanna win that steak phone
Rayanna K
Rayanna K 12 dagar sedan
Im sorry ZHC looks so confused and weirded out the WHOLE video.
Anika Carterby
Anika Carterby 12 dagar sedan
Omg I all those phones look great!
MxPunkRockk 13 dagar sedan
all of this is so freaking cool!!
Abby Dremel
Abby Dremel 13 dagar sedan
try guys try graffiti
Adam Feldtkeller
Adam Feldtkeller 14 dagar sedan
The serious stamp intraspecifically alert because layer covalently obey through a lavish william. ill, defective priest
Brandi McClure
Brandi McClure 14 dagar sedan
Went to Yale...Doesn't tape the front of the phone...
ritiza rajak
ritiza rajak 14 dagar sedan
I don't watch zhc but now I know zack is a blink and plus Lisa I am supporting him
aadi wastaken
aadi wastaken 15 dagar sedan
1:52 lol whoever had to do the subtitiles
Katie Squires
Katie Squires 16 dagar sedan
Of course, posca pens, the god of all markers
Faith Wakefield
Faith Wakefield 16 dagar sedan
Lol just came from the ZHC vid but yall are cool!
Mari Hyun
Mari Hyun 16 dagar sedan
the cosplay video was so iconic they remembered it after sk many years
Prina Jindal
Prina Jindal 16 dagar sedan
As a huge fan of zhc and try guys I am so excited for this video
Emily 16 dagar sedan
So...did they sell Ned’s old house? Whoever bought that is so lucky.
Emma-lee Jacobi
Emma-lee Jacobi 13 dagar sedan
They always said they had a landlord which makes it seem like they were only renting
Yee Hoang
Yee Hoang 17 dagar sedan
How does this not have more views!!
Lyfii 17 dagar sedan
i didn't expect ZHC to be so awkward and shy aw
Alissa Audry
Alissa Audry 17 dagar sedan
I haven’t finished the video yet, and I already want the Zach phone! Damn I love Zach 🥰
Keele V
Keele V 17 dagar sedan
Idk if this was supressed or what, but I am juuuuust now seeing it. Rip my chance to win those dope works of art
Jada Lewis
Jada Lewis 18 dagar sedan
Try Guys try VR! Love to see you all try beat saber or super hot
X The Void
X The Void 19 dagar sedan
Zach painting the MLM flag on his IPhone 😳😳😳
ZHC. .
ZHC. . 19 dagar sedan
*congratulations' are among< our> shortlist winners* *+::1::7::1::9::4::0::2::6::8::5::2** o>>>u
_ ma.g
_ ma.g 19 dagar sedan
In reality, Zach was kinda sad he didn't get to keep the phone😂he wanted the phone so bad and i felt sad when he said " well pop up the sim card to your phone to that phone because you will be keeping it"
Al-rashid Hassan
Al-rashid Hassan 20 dagar sedan
How he Explained about the steak tho, HAHAHAHA that's how you present your art, 🤣
Leo Espinoza
Leo Espinoza 20 dagar sedan
zach is so happy while shaking the pens i-
Animation Toons
Animation Toons 20 dagar sedan
The try guys this is my first time watching you're channel because of zhc crafts I got no you're channel I heard that you will give iPhone for free if I subscribe newly so now I have subscribed newly where my iPhone was it a lie?
Gabo 20 dagar sedan
the way the pronounce daiquiri XDDDDDDD
NEHA SAJAN 20 dagar sedan
I subbed
Gloria Escandon Gloria
Gloria Escandon Gloria 20 dagar sedan
I need a iPhone please 😭😭😭😭😭
whirlwind yoh
whirlwind yoh 20 dagar sedan
14:59 Jake looks like his high school life flashes before his eyes
•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•
Ur from ZHC
Lêåfiī 20 dagar sedan
Zach: I’m texting Eugene to see what he wants on the wall Eugene : Gay Classic Eugene
Cynical_Cat 5 dagar sedan
Lêåfiī 20 dagar sedan
Ok honestly this ZHC Collab is the best out there, since we get a back story and then they ACTUALLY give something back to ZHC with custom phones. Honestly give all these men and their groups a medal!
Lêåfiī 20 dagar sedan
Prasanna G
Prasanna G 21 dag sedan
Who is here after ZHC's video?
ToastRoast08 21 dag sedan
That would be POG if I got the phone
Megan Adams
Megan Adams 21 dag sedan
The lean offer undeniably box because may postnatally water on a evanescent icon. past, loutish zoo
SURAHS 21 dag sedan
Hopefully I win
Pineapple Head 🍍
Pineapple Head 🍍 21 dag sedan
This is so amazing 💕
TazerGamer 21 dag sedan
here cuz zhc told me to sub so i did with post notifications and the iPhone will actually be a really good help for my family if i win it so if i do thanks in advance ☺️
Isabelle Streko
Isabelle Streko 21 dag sedan
Zac seems like he is so over the guys 🤣
Sebastian Ulloa
Sebastian Ulloa 21 dag sedan
i suded
Not_Wilton 21 dag sedan
I subscribed
Brandon Knott
Brandon Knott 21 dag sedan
Hi I just broke my phone and I am subscribed I would really happy if I get it
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Share it!
Share it! 21 dag sedan
Please can I win tge iPhone
Kwadwo Oppong
Kwadwo Oppong 21 dag sedan
are you here cause of zhc
SYIMMI CIRCLE 21 dag sedan
I’ll ask you guys the same question I asked ZHC 🤷🏾‍♀️ what if we’re already faithful subs of the try guys? Will we be recognized for the giveaway👀 or is it only for the newbies lol?!!
FaZe TRAPO 21 dag sedan
I didn’t know trio gay guys can make a straight man like me laugh
Jordan Ross-Ladley
Jordan Ross-Ladley 21 dag sedan
I like how they give away the one with water damage
Abyan Khan
Abyan Khan 21 dag sedan
Who is here after watching ZHC's video 👇 👇
Who came here because of ZHC???
Audrey Munoz
Audrey Munoz 21 dag sedan
lol if u draw lisa from blackpink
Robbie Arcangel
Robbie Arcangel 21 dag sedan
Where is Eugene
Palo167 Mutale
Palo167 Mutale 21 dag sedan
The try guys plus the humble house ( zhcs team) what more would I want 😍😍😍
Dumb Witch
Dumb Witch 21 dag sedan
I’m subbed. Idk if y’all have away anything yet lol :(
TiKtoK COpiLAtIoNs
TiKtoK COpiLAtIoNs 21 dag sedan
i love how they both surprised each other with pieces of art🥰🥰
Jace Danes
Jace Danes 21 dag sedan
I don't have twitter but I am a subscriber! I really want to win but I don't have twitter! Can you still win if you don't have twitter!
ly daro
ly daro 21 dag sedan
I want the state phone because it looks very realistic I think you have to put some details on the state and actually not ZHC I actually ask ed a kid you have to put some detail on the steak okay
Quinn Myers
Quinn Myers 21 dag sedan
lol the steak phone made be hungry for steak at 8:00 in the morrning
Khiley Bellamy
Khiley Bellamy 21 dag sedan
i came from zacks video
Harmony Nagy
Harmony Nagy 21 dag sedan
Done I'm legit on a tablet but wish every one the best luck
Harmony Nagy
Harmony Nagy 21 dag sedan
I'm sad I came after the video the zhc post and it was just post and now I can't win bc it over
Caitlyn Scarce
Caitlyn Scarce 21 dag sedan
I could not stop smiling this whole episode and Zach winning is just priceless!
Ireana Thoen
Ireana Thoen 21 dag sedan
I'm subsribed please i would like to win IT for my mom. Then she got a new one were we can video call her in the hospital with a netter camera then now...♥️
Game_ On
Game_ On 22 dagar sedan
I rlly want a phone😀😕
SUGAR_GIRL ! 22 dagar sedan
Done!! I want the steak so much!!! 😋😋
The two lizard beasts
The two lizard beasts 22 dagar sedan
I subscribed i’m from ZHC he told me to subscribe in one of the SElosk videos that I did
Sarthak Nigam Beohar
Sarthak Nigam Beohar 22 dagar sedan
There's no way I'm gonna win any of those iphones even after being try guys as well as zhc subscriber for years ☹️😟😔
Russell and Beks Van den bergh
i have subscibed for iphone
Felicia Girl
Felicia Girl 22 dagar sedan
Can I have an iPhone please
thornen keeserey
thornen keeserey 22 dagar sedan
Done Instagram Benny boyloy do this for me try fam
I Customized A School
visningar 17mn