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I don't think your ready for all this stretchyyy! The Food Babies are back and ready for their next challenge! Who do you think will will in this Korean Corn Dog Competition?

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10 mar 2021



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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 3 månader sedan
What challenge should #TheFoodBabies try next?!
Samriddhi Neogy
Samriddhi Neogy 3 dagar sedan
howlin' ray
april phranasith
april phranasith 6 dagar sedan
Fair food challenge
Joseph Connors
Joseph Connors 16 dagar sedan
They should be challenged to eat a huge chocolate cake in the style of the cake in Matilda.
Tayla Egglestone
Tayla Egglestone 17 dagar sedan
Pizza btw ily
Gregory Lee
Gregory Lee 19 dagar sedan
Korean Fried Chicken! and we want more FOOD BABIES!
Katie Klinger
Katie Klinger Dag sedan
I LOVE these videos and want to see more! YB and Alex are great with Keith, hilarious!
yug patel
yug patel 2 dagar sedan
Mr.Monokuma 2 dagar sedan
Do grocery rotisserie chicken except Eugene is there to also rank them
_마크Mark 3 dagar sedan
"When the onion rings, ya gotta answer it" He's high on corn dogs 😂
misssnicole 3 dagar sedan
He got drunk on food 😂
JAYDE NEMEYER 3 dagar sedan
I love how Keith says 2,000 Scoville's is a lot sweetie it's barely spicy love you all though and you all are amazing!
Becky Ly
Becky Ly 3 dagar sedan
They should do Korean fried chicken next! 🤤 Also LOL at YB and Alex being added into the ending sequence at 20:10
Jessica Rosado
Jessica Rosado 4 dagar sedan
11:05 idk why but when Keith says "Alexandria?" Alex says "yeh?" It made my heart warm 😭 she's so cute
matt waldman
matt waldman 5 dagar sedan
The poor malaysia intraspecifically license because fork coincidentally consist outside a tangible area. measly, uttermost circle
CinnamonCat22 6 dagar sedan
I would never be able to do these challenges. I’d probably quit after the first round.
Jacqueline Gardner
Jacqueline Gardner 6 dagar sedan
2000 Scoville is Nothing, Keith.... silly guy! 😉
Annie Loomis
Annie Loomis 7 dagar sedan
has anybody have had it where they eat a mozzarella stick and then the cheese is so stretchy and you accidentally swallow and then it's just stuck in your throat
Koshare Murselaj
Koshare Murselaj 6 dagar sedan
I've never had a mozzarella stick but that is hilarious as hell🤣🤣🤣
Petty Jane
Petty Jane 7 dagar sedan
Doing the math in my head, there are 192 different combinations, if you include the sugar as a variable.
Joseph Petrone
Joseph Petrone 7 dagar sedan
The Great Depression didn’t start until 1929
Simone Williams
Simone Williams 8 dagar sedan
Smoothies. I'd love to see the food babies drink 100 smoothies.
Vanessa Hill
Vanessa Hill 8 dagar sedan
That man got drunk on carbs and hot sauce.
CORINA CORINA 8 dagar sedan
Keith's expressions remind me of the annoying orange xD
Yousra Hamtini
Yousra Hamtini 11 dagar sedan
They eat too much
Holly Beth
Holly Beth 13 dagar sedan
I think an ice cream or frozen yogurt one would be interesting, even though a lot of dairy. I know at the MOA there is a place that has unique flavors like goldfish crackers flavor. Dunno, just a thought...
Victoria Maxey
Victoria Maxey 14 dagar sedan
You know that if YB had to drink water then it must have been pretty spicy 🥵
Trenity Blair
Trenity Blair 14 dagar sedan
That pizza sauce in the cups is the best thing ever. Idk where they got them!!! They used to have them in my school.. best ever
Anna Overcash
Anna Overcash 15 dagar sedan
Bruh I’m so mad there isn’t one of these in Portland, these look amazing
עופרי איזמירלי
4:26 Lair! u r wearing a brown shirt in the chicken sauce video!!!
Laura 15 dagar sedan
This sound so good! I want one! 🤤
Melina Yeo
Melina Yeo 17 dagar sedan
The fact that YB is reacting to how spicy the sauce is, confirms that it IS, indeed, very spicy.
Lily's Box
Lily's Box 17 dagar sedan
I remember I bought two of these.. and one, it made me full already...
Ma'i Folau
Ma'i Folau 18 dagar sedan
just visited mocha dochi off sawtelle
sheepsclothing100 18 dagar sedan
i bought korean corndogs right after seeing this and im so glad i did
Ana a.
Ana a. 18 dagar sedan
I'm not going to lie the supervisor is cute 🙃
Wolf Lamb
Wolf Lamb 18 dagar sedan
Squid eating contest?
Rik mcDik
Rik mcDik 18 dagar sedan
YB adds salt and all I can think about is her blood pressure
Amanda D
Amanda D 18 dagar sedan
all I could think of was, "corn on the cob, but instead of the corn bone.....it's a hot dog"...miss you Jenna
Michael B
Michael B 19 dagar sedan
Is it me or does the cheese stretch from these make anyone look incredibly attractive?
Bonnie Hillkjhfght
Bonnie Hillkjhfght 19 dagar sedan
The immense wash intraorally stain because food syntactically reply to a uttermost plant. amazing, fluffy field
RulesOfRen 20 dagar sedan
I can probably eat all of those 💀
Daisy 22 dagar sedan
i haev my SESR PROFiyo
Daisy 22 dagar sedan
ezet en THE US
Daisy 22 dagar sedan
i kan hano sase nood
Daisy 22 dagar sedan
you re min me alxe frum quizzer mstete TEH udr alxe
BrielaMichelle 23 dagar sedan
Mochi Dochi is seriously so yummy!!!
Samantha Rodriguez
Samantha Rodriguez 24 dagar sedan
"Im getting sleepy" havent heard anything more accurate while eating alot of food lol
Annick Ravesteijn
Annick Ravesteijn 26 dagar sedan
dammmmnn Pls ship it to holland, i'm hungry :D
Muriel 26 dagar sedan
Keith docking the corndogs
JK Rowling
JK Rowling 27 dagar sedan
I just realized i accidentally did the noodle challenge in accident cause I didn’t know what it said and it was the cheese....I finished the whole bowl
PhaNyia Lo
PhaNyia Lo 27 dagar sedan
So sad ... I was in LA last month and forgot all about Korean corn dogs 😭
Demasri Daulagupu
Demasri Daulagupu 27 dagar sedan
As NCT Hollywood is happening so can kim martin debut ? 😌
Junmi Lee
Junmi Lee Månad sedan
Keith is kind of a f-ed up boss
Sabrina Azmal
Sabrina Azmal Månad sedan
Watching this while fasting makes me suuuper hungry 😂
Aussie_Possum 567
Aussie_Possum 567 Månad sedan
I love watching your videos! They are so entertaining and I love to watch you all eat lots of food like this :)
Hawi Roba
Hawi Roba Månad sedan
Martin Kim has Jaehyun vibes from NCT 127.
Erin Arnold
Erin Arnold Månad sedan
Alex and YB are both like the whole dang package, funny, sweet, beautiful, obviously smart, plus they love to eat. GOALS✨
LISA NATION Månad sedan
dude martin kim kinda resembles Ahn Jae-hyun
JM_2809 _
JM_2809 _ Månad sedan
YB looks like the female version of han jisung from skz
Rachel Yim
Rachel Yim Månad sedan
Never heard a Kor-Am bruv with that twang before 😂
sonia tan
sonia tan Månad sedan
the supervisor of the store is kinda cute o-
Kailum Cunningham
Kailum Cunningham Månad sedan
Keith, my man, I’m poor stop selling this sauce so hard.
Tiffi Guevara
Tiffi Guevara Månad sedan
I wonder what are the other names of the Food babies in the intro? Can anyone help me? Dumpster diva Mukbang mamas
Cassieosaurus _
Cassieosaurus _ Månad sedan
It’s impossible to scroll past a thumbnail with Alex and YB. I love them so much! They’re the kind of people you’d meet in real life and become determined to be friends with.
Hmoobgai Månad sedan
Big bowl of pho
nerd Månad sedan
i'm convinced yall are only thirsting for martin to get free corn dogs
Mandy Au
Mandy Au Månad sedan
I couldn't even finish one of these Korean hotdogs, they look so filling! ALso, Keith does have a brown shirt, he wore it in the fire cupping video and was 1/3 of the cheese toasty! lol
ThinkingPurple Månad sedan
Can we please give some credit to the guy explaining the Korean corn dog? He’s so cute - probably never seen the Try Guys 😂😂
Austin M
Austin M Månad sedan
Omg these looks so fucking good I’d literally kill for one.
Egglliott Månad sedan
This video never stops playing there
Coline Clodine-Florent
Help, I'm thirsty for the supervisor
Butterfly !
Butterfly ! Månad sedan
UHH where is Trisha Paytas shout out? I learned about these from her
IDoMusic ?
IDoMusic ? Månad sedan
She didnt make them and she is a horrible person so she deserves no shoutout
Kyle Dennehy
Kyle Dennehy Månad sedan
Love the Food Babies, more please!
Elizabeth Alvarado
Elizabeth Alvarado Månad sedan
That thumbs up at the end had me dying!!! hahahah!
Jessie Ploscowe
Jessie Ploscowe Månad sedan
Kieth looks so stoned in this.
Lilian Jeffnih Jeffrin
Oh my god!! Watching them eating makes me hungry. I need food QvQ
ryu Månad sedan
"I don't HAAAAAVE a brown a shirt" LMAO THE SASS
ryu Månad sedan
okay but the mochidochi dude is really cute
Synerthrax Månad sedan
keith, your shirt still worked out, you are relish! lol
Johanna Bothur
Johanna Bothur Månad sedan
I've never had corndogs in my life and I also have never felt so much jealousy in my life
__yeri Månad sedan
guess who’s flying to mochi dochi after corona..
Snh 2k4
Snh 2k4 Månad sedan
Wait do YB and Alex live together ?? If so that’s adorable
Snh 2k4
Snh 2k4 Månad sedan
Keith is relish with the green shirt
Vanessa Martinez
Vanessa Martinez Månad sedan
Rice cake
Elle Harrer
Elle Harrer Månad sedan
really enjoyed watching Keith descend into a corn-dog induced delirium.
v10588 Månad sedan
Even in the old videos whenever Keith is full it’s the equivalent of Keith being a drunk
J9H5 Månad sedan
What is the point of the speed round? Seems wasteful to order nice food just to scarf it down without appreciating it.
La rouge
La rouge Månad sedan
Korean style fusion food = Bulgogi burger & Bulgogi burrito & Burgogi pizza & Cheese potato corn dog (+sugar) & Korean fried spicy seasoned chicken (in red pepper paste sauce) Dakgalbi + Mozzarella cheese & Cheese Tteokbokki (Rose paste) & Budae jjigae + Spam and Cheddar cheese and baked beans etc.
breetoldyouso Månad sedan
9:50 I like the teamwork involved during this segment
MoCo MoCo
MoCo MoCo Månad sedan
The sound effects are hilarious 😂
Luis Salcedo
Luis Salcedo Månad sedan
YB is the GOAT!!!
Daddy Shark
Daddy Shark Månad sedan
MT his voice is soothing lol
Zoe Tranter
Zoe Tranter Månad sedan
I’m mildly horrified that Alex and YB fell asleep watching human centipede and then in the morning finished the movie
Emma Stevens
Emma Stevens Månad sedan
Yb: mustard Alex: ketchup Keith: blue cheese
Ohanaeatz Månad sedan
lol the cheese pull!
Anuu Gombo
Anuu Gombo Månad sedan
Martin Kim guy looks like who could be in a group NCT or sth holy
CharLatte Espresso
CharLatte Espresso Månad sedan
Has nobody noticed Keith's style seems to be just getting better and better? Likeee yes?
Haru Shin
Haru Shin Månad sedan
Why is that the donuts look like how we have poi mochi donuts down here
brickley07 Månad sedan
I love the food babies series
maire kindley
maire kindley Månad sedan
Keith and YB: carefully grabbing Alex's corndog by the stick Alex: puts her fingers all over Keith and YB's corndogs
RADIOLOGY CT Månad sedan
Keith's jump it was so smooth
the lawnmower
the lawnmower Månad sedan
18:07 this moment is literally so dad-ish of Keith, doing whatever random things his good daughters request
Saykey Månad sedan
Is it just me or the way the guy from the restaurant speaks remind you of Jaehyun from NCT....
Alex Danvers
Alex Danvers Månad sedan
Is it just me or are they still in coronavirus time since it says 1 month
IDoMusic ?
IDoMusic ? Månad sedan
Yeah they are but it sais at the beginning that everyone in the video including the crew had tested negative
Jessica Rashes
Jessica Rashes Månad sedan
Have the food babies done fire noodle challenge
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