Keith Eats Everything At Chipotle 

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The king of menus is back and he may or may not have a mega burrito melt down today! Watch Keith eat everything at Chipotle! AND get the brand new Keith's Taco Sauce! heatonist.com/products/keiths...

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15 maj 2021



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Justin Saunders
Justin Saunders 6 timmar sedan
I ate a burrito from Trump and it taste like freedom
Justin Saunders
Justin Saunders 6 timmar sedan
I'm upset this guy got a guest house bathroom lol
Jasmine Miller
Jasmine Miller 10 timmar sedan
Keith please see this comment. I need you to sell your hot sauce in bulk! My family and I eat too much of it and it never lasts! We need it in bulk!!!
Kara Ferrell
Kara Ferrell 12 timmar sedan
nav  kaur
nav kaur 13 timmar sedan
9:26 when Keith taps the sauce out but it doesnt come out
cwm 14 timmar sedan
This eat the menu was sort of dumb... Chipotle has like 6 things you can get, it all ends up being the same with different meat
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia 14 timmar sedan
What the hell was popping out of the right side of Keith’s neck at 33:45? That did not look natural or safe. He should probably get that checked out.
Avery Ryan
Avery Ryan 16 timmar sedan
The weird gifs really took me out of things
Kai Love
Kai Love 21 timme sedan
Qdoba is better
Thereesa Langley
I worked at chipotle and if you made a double tortilla quesadilla you had to charge for burrito with whatever meat, if you only got the one tortilla it was charged as a 2 point burrito as long as you didn't get any topping, otherwise it was charged as a burrito too 🤷🤷
reese chin
reese chin Dag sedan
kinda sad that keith’s bowls looked like that :( mine are always so packed and sooo good🥰
Rabbit Stew
Rabbit Stew Dag sedan
Not sure how much trouble i'll get in for this, but as someone who's worked at chipotle ive a few things to say: the only reason i've seen someone on the line double wrap a tortilla was because the original tortilla is torn in some way the barbacoa, carnitas, beans, and cauliflower rice all come in pre-cooked and bagged, and are just reheated in a pot (besides the cauliflower, which is on the the flattop) the sofritas are made of tofu (hence why its vegan friendly) and tend to get overcooked and mushy as they stay on the line this might have just been at my location, but the managers cared more about speed and leaving early after closing over cleanliness. the dishes weren't ever washed properly, usually meaning that there's some food residue left on the "clean" pans
Mack Smotherman
Mack Smotherman Dag sedan
When Keith gets full he acts like when spongebob went to goofygoobers.
HikariHana1995 Dag sedan
9:18 is no one gonna talk about how Becky ate that taco!?
Bridget Czarnecki
eat the menu is just a superior mukbang
x yz
x yz Dag sedan
Not skipping ads for Keith
katiep6553 Dag sedan
But Keith, what about chicken tacos. Do you use the chicken sauce or taco? Or both?
Ngf Tch
Ngf Tch Dag sedan
I will fill it all the way
ari g
ari g Dag sedan
never would have expected to see keith and courage collab
lianna mkoyan
lianna mkoyan Dag sedan
You don't have to milk the cow. If it has the baby the baby will drink the milk, but when you take the baby then it is a problem...
msguineapigsrus Dag sedan
I'm also very upset to find out that quesadillas are no longer a secret menu item and they've ruined them... :'( steak quesadilla was my favorite
Hope Wellington
Hope Wellington Dag sedan
Yall gotta do cook out!!!
Sarah White
Sarah White Dag sedan
I need Keith to do Jimmy Johns with every fiber of my being
Shade Russell
Shade Russell Dag sedan
Is it weird that I find those random animated gifs like the frog disturbing. Not sure why but my brain say no.
insert_happyface 2 dagar sedan
18:00 I'm not an expert by FAR about this topic and I'm purely going off what I think I've heard (maybe someone that would know could fact check me in the replies?), but I think its like the ones on the bottom of aluminum cans where in the factory they make so many they have multiple machines running to mold them or whatever, and each machine has a different number so that if a batch of forks comes out bad in some way or another, they know what machine is making the bad forks so they can repair it.
Andrea j.b.
Andrea j.b. 2 dagar sedan
For everyone that doesn't know, chipotle is just dry jalapeño
Andrea j.b.
Andrea j.b. 2 dagar sedan
Quesadillas are made with only one Tortilla folded in half. Caso cerrado!
J V 2 dagar sedan
Lame opening
Ben Stacy
Ben Stacy 2 dagar sedan
Keith and Becky, clearly the people who know what a 'traditional' quesadilla should be. Love them so much, but no.
msguineapigsrus 2 dagar sedan
Chipotle's original queso was whack lol the new one is amazing though!
Bofa 2 dagar sedan
she called soda pop im outta here
Coco Loco
Coco Loco 2 dagar sedan
Eat everything from the Cheesecake Factory 🏭 menu ?!?! Or the cheesecake only ?! Yummm
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 2 dagar sedan
I fully agree with Becky on the quesadilla!
Jordyn White
Jordyn White 2 dagar sedan
I think I’m in love with Keith
B Lynn
B Lynn 2 dagar sedan
Hiiiiighly disagree about the vinegarette. It’s a well balanced flavor and is bright and acidic and cuts through the sort of one note majority of flavors.
Stephen McDonough
Stephen McDonough 2 dagar sedan
Did she go at that taco from the middle?
Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin
But it’s not pico de gallo, it’s salsa cruda...
Shauna L. Kenyon
Shauna L. Kenyon 3 dagar sedan
That is EXACTLY how my children eat it.
biggie lopez
biggie lopez 3 dagar sedan
not too spicy salsa? ,, thank you for the crushed green tomatoes!!!
Chelsea Moreno
Chelsea Moreno 3 dagar sedan
Watching this as a Mexican hurts
` cutievante
` cutievante 3 dagar sedan
praying for the harbersberger household's guest bedroom toilet 🙏
MrBananaCheeks 3 dagar sedan
Moe's is better ;)
lilkoko 4 dagar sedan
Ryan: I want another bite. Food drunk Keith ripping the bowl away from him: YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW IT TASTES
Alena Bichlerová
Alena Bichlerová 4 dagar sedan
The stormy calendar visually roll because reminder trivially mate midst a odd feather. obeisant, aspiring gong
Jay Nope
Jay Nope 4 dagar sedan
Jack sounds like Remy I can’t get over it
Theresa Hoyer
Theresa Hoyer 4 dagar sedan
Keith! Wayback burger!
Ari Louis
Ari Louis 4 dagar sedan
Ryan Ferguson
Ryan Ferguson 4 dagar sedan
Freebirds and Whataburger
Trista Richardson
Trista Richardson 4 dagar sedan
why is no one going to address the way becky bit the taco at 9:20 like who does that😭
Ryan Byrne
Ryan Byrne 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else plastic factory workers ? I think the numbers are just the different cavities for the forks
Genevieve 4 dagar sedan
no one: Americans trying to say jalapeno "Hala-pain-yo
nina1 green
nina1 green 4 dagar sedan
Ryan Garcia is very cute and I love Eat The Menu video! :)
Jaycee Twibell
Jaycee Twibell 4 dagar sedan
“omggg chipotle. chipotle is my liiiiife” if ykyk
Denise Mclean
Denise Mclean 4 dagar sedan
I never had Chipotle what should I eat??
Everybody Clap your hands
A chipotle bowl with both rices and pretty much everything else but ask for two scoop for everything you’ll get the biggest bowls
Jasmine Paz
Jasmine Paz 4 dagar sedan
legend has it he’s still in the bathroom
Amaya Papaya
Amaya Papaya 4 dagar sedan
I really hope he doesn’t get food poisoning from any of these .
GingerDeogie 4 dagar sedan
Keith eating the kids meals was the best! Spot on for how kids eat 🤣
Camila Gallardo Pérez
Tip for Becky (and anyone who likes the old quesadilla)- online, order a burrito with only cheese (put extra) and your protein of choice. Then title it “Quesadilla” on your order and it comes out exactly like the old one.
Alice's Rabbit
Alice's Rabbit 5 dagar sedan
I'm offended by the way Becky bit into that taco...9:17 That is so rude. 🤣😎
Savannah Karcz
Savannah Karcz 5 dagar sedan
the guac is like that bc we just shove a glob of it in there, which is why it’s always full to the top
shecutie 5 dagar sedan
two grown men getting excited over burritos is an energy i want to embody towards my life 😭😂
jesse i.
jesse i. 5 dagar sedan
keith is just collecting himbos
makaroner 5 dagar sedan
Food drunk Keith is honestly the best... And sooooo unique haha
Brian Warren
Brian Warren 5 dagar sedan
Julia trys is just better ijs
Kat Hutch
Kat Hutch 5 dagar sedan
Food intoxicated Keith is hilarious! I have been laughing this entire video XD
JustAnEverydaySammy 5 dagar sedan
It's aight, it's not great, it's aight
Emily Weiner
Emily Weiner 5 dagar sedan
Please do “Eat the Menu: Revisited” where Keith eats the new menu items of places he’s already eaten the menu of, like the new Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell!
ropa sidi
ropa sidi 5 dagar sedan
9 ads???? You don't have to scream all the time!
Kasey M
Kasey M 5 dagar sedan
27:30 Keith's "2 million" killed me Ryan just trying to eat lunch Keith, shirtless and deranged, "why won't chipotle sponsor me" 😂😂 Amazing
BDOG 6 dagar sedan
Eat everything at IHOP
Toria Heart
Toria Heart 6 dagar sedan
charlotte merz :0
charlotte merz :0 6 dagar sedan
y’all should do paneraaaa
Jack Mull
Jack Mull 6 dagar sedan
Qudoba is way better than chipotle
Kishori Koppu
Kishori Koppu 7 dagar sedan
I LOVE the vinaigrette. Can't eat chipotle without it!
miguel medina
miguel medina 7 dagar sedan
no one notice how keith’s wife ate the taco💀
amanda Sondergaard
amanda Sondergaard 4 dagar sedan
I was like 😳
Savannah Perez
Savannah Perez 7 dagar sedan
The resonant wednesday genotypically unfasten because chance conversly earn notwithstanding a hurried wrinkle. quixotic, envious snowman
Evelyn Murphy
Evelyn Murphy 7 dagar sedan
People form the uk and Ireland knowing that daddies is a brand of sauce here 👀
Natasha Saeed
Natasha Saeed 8 dagar sedan
Here I am, watching this video, knowing that I’m the girl that gets the burrito bowl with a side of dressing. In fact, when I’m feeling crazy, I get my Guaq on the side and mix the salad dressing with the guaq
Scoundrel Stray
Scoundrel Stray 8 dagar sedan
Former chipotle employee here, the new quesadillas did not get smaller. It's the same exact amount of ingredients as the old 'secret' quesadilla, its just folded different in such a way that it looks smaller.
Nat Flor
Nat Flor 8 dagar sedan
I literally only watch Try Guys for Keith. Please bring me more Keith. There's no way this guy isn't the lifeblood of the Try Guys.
Marissa B
Marissa B 6 dagar sedan
❤️ liking your comment cuz I want it in a future try guys reacting to comments vid!!
jessaboveaverage 8 dagar sedan
I 100% would use all of that sour cream 😅
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 8 dagar sedan
Keith's high as shit 😂😂
gleep 8 dagar sedan
"I kinda just wish they gave kids limes." Uh. I used to work in childcare at a community center and during one of our summer programs we got a huge shipment of limes. Kids got obsessed with them and would constantly ask if they could go have one as a snack. So Chipotle get on that (and sponsor Keith for it).
Kacee Verhovec
Kacee Verhovec 8 dagar sedan
I LOVE the vinaigrette. Highly underrated.
Kacee Verhovec
Kacee Verhovec 8 dagar sedan
BECKY why do you eat tacos like that?????
oh well
oh well 8 dagar sedan
i'm 16 but i always get the kid's meal, it's so good for the value
ishan e
ishan e 8 dagar sedan
keith is so hot 😭
julieArtz 8 dagar sedan
yall see how becky ate that double decker chicken taco? from the TOP! wooowie lol
Jewel Kietponglert
Jewel Kietponglert 8 dagar sedan
Quiznos next! Or something like TGIF Friday’s
That fire
That fire 8 dagar sedan
I'm a new viewer of your channel. Would you maybe try Moe's Southwest Grill?
Tiara 8 dagar sedan
Never been to Chipotle, so SElosk put this video in my recommendations (and I clicked). :)
Everybody Clap your hands
Go there best fast food ever
LOGAN REILLY 8 dagar sedan
His toilet was never the same
Yoly Herrera
Yoly Herrera 8 dagar sedan
Why is it that of all international foods, the US somehow manages to fuck mexican food up the most...
n!tromy 9 dagar sedan
i am mad about everything about this about how you ate in the middle.
Shell Bee
Shell Bee 9 dagar sedan
You should do Keith eats everything at Panera bread 🥰
Criterion515 9 dagar sedan
Was slightly disappointed there was so little mirroring of the taco bell episode where the running joke was that everything was just made using the same ingredients. One guy straight up called it out. Also don't get their affection for the taco bell quesadilla. It's the one thing I can't stand on the menu. To me it's not even remotely a quesadilla in the first place. Nothing like proper melty cheese and the sauce is aweful.
MylesOfGaming 9 dagar sedan
I love the dynamic between Jack and Keith
Chloe Spragg
Chloe Spragg 9 dagar sedan
I work at chipotle and technically it’s not pico de gallo bc it’s traditionally made with white onions and we make ours with red onions
Jada-Marie Meikle
Jada-Marie Meikle 9 dagar sedan
As a former chipotle worker that is too much guac on those bowls🤦🏾‍♀️
Lethal Swift
Lethal Swift 9 dagar sedan
Kids: wow lets make tacos Adults:WHERE’s my MonEy LéttüÇĒ!
Keith Eats Every Pie
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