Home-Cooked Vs. $15 Vegan Fried Chicken 

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Watch Ned \u0026 Ariel try to make the best home-cooked vegan chicken-fried mushroom sandwich using the freshest ingredients @krogerco has to offer! Do you think they can live up to the enthusiastic restaurant version ?😃 Thanks to @Krogerco for sponsoring this video!

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Special thanks to Cafe Gratitude for showing us how it's done!

Dreux Ellis - Corporate Executive Chef at Cafe Gratitude
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19 maj 2021



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Fat Babe ASMR
Fat Babe ASMR 8 timmar sedan
Ned and Ariel have Golden Retriever energy and it is so precious
Emily Kuykendall
Emily Kuykendall 9 timmar sedan
Why is no one talking about the song at the end, it high key slaps
zoe lawrence
zoe lawrence 14 timmar sedan
Keith being so wrong and so right about mushrooms at the same time. *Whispers conspiratorially* hey Keith mushrooms aren't even plants in fact I think they may be more closely related to animals isn't that cool? Zombie shrooms zombie shrooms eating the vegan zombie flesh burgers
Lola Meme
Lola Meme 17 timmar sedan
Nobody is talking about how Keith is acting so professional in this video,love you Keith!!
Dominika Wie
Dominika Wie Dag sedan
he said 82 w h u t
El Bobby
El Bobby 2 dagar sedan
What is IG TV?
Courtney 3 dagar sedan
For some reason, I would like to see Ned and Ariel or the whole try guys do a Father's Day episode. I would be excited to see it.
internetultrageek 5 dagar sedan
"You'd never know it's vegan." Um, it's clearly plant-based. Anyways, I would dunk the mushrooms in a thick besan (chickpea flour/ garbanzo flour) batter for even more protein and incredible texture combo of crunchy and soft (just before frying). Like mushroom pakoras but with whole tree oyster mushroom clusters
Ana Maya
Ana Maya 7 dagar sedan
This is my favorite show
Seyla Manzo
Seyla Manzo 7 dagar sedan
this is my family's business believe it or not
lakshya bajaj
lakshya bajaj 7 dagar sedan
When the chef mentioned hes 82 My mind was just blown away 🤯
lakshya bajaj
lakshya bajaj 7 dagar sedan
I couldn’t stop laughing Cz poor chef he kept waitng patiently for the other two to take a bite of the burger He just kept looking at them like an innocent child
Junda 8 dagar sedan
He’s what? 82?!?
Pug Coco
Pug Coco 8 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does Ariel’s “ teaspoon of salt “ remind you of Gordon Ramsay or Marco Pierre saying “ a lil’ bit of olive oil”
Victoria Kathleen
Victoria Kathleen 9 dagar sedan
Also, Kroger has a TON of store brand plant based products that are a bit cheaper than the name brand versions. Just look for Simple Truth plant based! They have mayonnaise, salad dressings, cookie dough, ice cream, etc. :) They even have a plant based ground beef, though it's usually out of stock at my store 😅
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis 7 dagar sedan
Yep. As someone who is dairy free and trys to eat meat healthy (less then the normal American diet), kroger has some good options.
juani2016 10 dagar sedan
I want to try both sandwiches 🤤
Emily Hritz
Emily Hritz 10 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that really loved the cat eye reference?😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
MarvelousMosi 11 dagar sedan
What show is Ned talking about @29:35 ?
Randy Trashcan
Randy Trashcan 11 dagar sedan
Vegan chicken?
Tea Jay
Tea Jay 11 dagar sedan
I really want to true chicken fried mushrooms that sounds so good!
LexiBusse 11 dagar sedan
Okay but I need to know where Ariel got that top, I am in love
Intern Patricia Mendoza
I love how Ned knows how balancing a cat eye goes
Anusha Rao
Anusha Rao 12 dagar sedan
He's 82 ?
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 12 dagar sedan
I WISH i lived in an area that delivered groceries. thats city stuff :(
Chelsy 12 dagar sedan
Why not talk about Israel-Palestine Issue? It is very relevant today. Just like what you did in Asian Hate Crime. Why silent now.
M S 12 dagar sedan
I'd walk out of the restaurant if the waiter told me "you are enthusiastic"
Kuyinto B
Kuyinto B 12 dagar sedan
Bless their hearts they are quite needy to be perfect.
b 12 dagar sedan
Ok but I am curious though, it tastes like chicken but what about the texture? Cause sometimes weird textures in food put me off
Seva Higgins
Seva Higgins 13 dagar sedan
Chicken has a nice amount of Serotonin, I like the Rotisserie chicken from Walmart and when fresh hot, you feel really good after having some :)
saikogrrl 13 dagar sedan
Where's the recipe? Is there a link?
Maria Christine
Maria Christine 13 dagar sedan
But will Keith put his chicken sauce on this?
Kaya Chun
Kaya Chun 14 dagar sedan
Ariel: "please dont do that" "i don't think that's a good idea" Ned: *continues to do everything*
Mark Salenga
Mark Salenga 14 dagar sedan
30:08 Ned's really perfected the Ellen Dance
carligirrl 14 dagar sedan
Ned looks SO GOOD IN PINK!
Louise W.
Louise W. 14 dagar sedan
Asiya Bachchan
Asiya Bachchan 14 dagar sedan
That ending though. I love keith
Deronn Turner
Deronn Turner 15 dagar sedan
My only issue is the almond milk. We have a kid that is extremely allergic to all nuts. And with frying coconut oil is better. It drys much more clean.
Aaron Eamer
Aaron Eamer 15 dagar sedan
Need less Ned.
Marcy Brennan
Marcy Brennan 15 dagar sedan
Eat your heart out Guy Fieri!
Isabeau Mitcheltree
Isabeau Mitcheltree 15 dagar sedan
I've been focusing on the edits much more lately and there are SO many things going into these videos. Theres a cut every two seconds and so much music, i tried making a short vid of a trip i went on and it took me like a month to get done.
Alexis Baldini
Alexis Baldini 15 dagar sedan
i’m sorry. 82!!!!!!
soshiangel90 15 dagar sedan
this is *almost* enough to make me want to try it. I hate mushrooms...like a lot...but I haven't tried them fried or anything like this so maybe I would be able to enjoy this one
Thee Burger Dude
Thee Burger Dude 15 dagar sedan
22:52 is how you realize you can go vegan!
marithium 15 dagar sedan
Keith is so wholesome
Goodlad1 15 dagar sedan
This looked superb, I need to try this!
Noemi Ruscelli
Noemi Ruscelli 16 dagar sedan
So, it took me 20 years to discover that you can eat tree mushrooms I am 20
TigrisTheLynx 16 dagar sedan
The lens flare reflection throughout the video looked like two green mushrooms stacked on top of each other. Coincidence?
abhineeta maram
abhineeta maram 16 dagar sedan
I really like energy of the chef
Rebecca A.
Rebecca A. 16 dagar sedan
Love this serie! But it makes me so hungry every time 😍
Camilla Rose
Camilla Rose 16 dagar sedan
32 oz.!
Stormy Bowens
Stormy Bowens 16 dagar sedan
These type off cooking challenge videos are by far the best.
Estebano Osorio
Estebano Osorio 16 dagar sedan
82? He look 45 or 50
Spirit Takoizu
Spirit Takoizu 16 dagar sedan
Ariel's Signature Green Goddess Ranch man i'd buy that ranch
Anne 16 dagar sedan
I don't understand why they didn't just re-do the ranch.
Savannah Austin
Savannah Austin 16 dagar sedan
How are they vegan with a brioche bun?
Moira H
Moira H 17 dagar sedan
I love the chef! He seemed so kind and lovely to every. It’s a surprise for such an incredible chef (not the usual chef showed in media). LOVE him!
Little Blonde Vegan
Little Blonde Vegan 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for sharing plant based/vegan!! I always watch, but this is something I can actually make 😍
Lindsie Ambrose
Lindsie Ambrose 17 dagar sedan
JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕
Isabel Bahamonde-Partlan
The CEO of Kroger cut employee hazard pay and used that to pay himself a record of $22.4 million dollars DURING A PANDEMIC. Way to sell out, guys.
toadharbour 17 dagar sedan
As a vegan who usually skips the food videos, I am HERE for this
Emma Mackey
Emma Mackey 17 dagar sedan
are mushrooms a vegetable?
Cristina Lynn
Cristina Lynn 17 dagar sedan
K so what can we use instead of almond milk 🤔
Maiko Nakamura
Maiko Nakamura 17 dagar sedan
This video also gave me a boost of Seratonin
anxiety flower
anxiety flower 17 dagar sedan
kroger sponser so slick
Morgan Deskin
Morgan Deskin 17 dagar sedan
I would 100% buy that t-shirt if they make it
Jeremy Hess
Jeremy Hess 17 dagar sedan
I look forward to the day when we don't even have to think or worry about trying to replicate eating someone's body 🐥️
Natasha Winfree
Natasha Winfree 17 dagar sedan
"Cheyenne Pepper" Yes!!! LOL. Thanks for this video! Now I want to travel to LA just to experience this restaurant.
Natalie Gomez
Natalie Gomez 18 dagar sedan
Chef Dreux is giving me David Letterman vibes! Perhaps his younger brother? Hehe. Particularly when he smiles and laughs. No? Anyone?
nishchaya nish
nishchaya nish 18 dagar sedan
82?? What in the chicken loving mushroom ass, unbelievable..
Sarah Romero
Sarah Romero 18 dagar sedan
i miss eugene
andrea fajardo
andrea fajardo 18 dagar sedan
day 14 of asking the try guys to do a reading fanfiction part 2
Casey Hoolahan
Casey Hoolahan 18 dagar sedan
Chef Dreux was such a delight! He was so kind and not pretentious and just along for the wild ride that is a Try Guy video!
Jessica Ruiz
Jessica Ruiz 18 dagar sedan
I think Ned and Ariel could take on chip and Johanna Gaines
Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall 18 dagar sedan
Wow great job!
Ashely Diaz
Ashely Diaz 18 dagar sedan
As someone who doesnt like mushroom this video is making me want to try this sandwich
Tedra Chen
Tedra Chen 18 dagar sedan
Ariel’s “teaspoon of salt” is sending me
Krystle Smith
Krystle Smith 18 dagar sedan
Rebekah Grace
Rebekah Grace 18 dagar sedan
I can’t watch this bc Ned is just fucking around with the spices just to be funny and he’s gonna mess it up this is giving me anxiety
Day 18 dagar sedan
Wait he isn’t really 82 right?
Mia Xerri
Mia Xerri 18 dagar sedan
Keith eats everything at cafe gratitude
Chris Colum
Chris Colum 19 dagar sedan
The aggressive resolution morphologically earn because match recently skip unto a highfalutin rowboat. fluffy, needless secretary
TheFettuck 19 dagar sedan
Chicken isn't vegan! Chicken is a bird species.
Karlee Mihailov
Karlee Mihailov 19 dagar sedan
Obviously this isn’t an eat the menu but I’ve been commenting it on almost every video KEITH PLEASE DO AN EAT THE MENU WITH RED LOBSTER 🦞
sneekypanda 19 dagar sedan
They are given the recipe and nail the challenged? Shocked.
Dominique Rowell
Dominique Rowell 19 dagar sedan
Who edited this? Lmao good job
Mackenzie Lecy-Schoenherr
I was just waiting for keith to whip out his sauce 😂
myopinions46 19 dagar sedan
Get kosher salt so you make things less salty
Taco Mulder
Taco Mulder 19 dagar sedan
you also could slice the patato on the bottom horizontally . Maybe that improves the cutiing of the patato? ly vids xoxo
terryanne nkatha
terryanne nkatha 19 dagar sedan
Ariels smile is legit kinda like jojo siwas😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
erdldad 19 dagar sedan
God, Keith dances like such a white guy lol. And I speak from experience as a white guy
Allison DeSantis-Jaekle
I’m here for Chef Dreux. Very honest, kind, calm, and actually seemed genuinely excited for Ariel and Ned when they did the dish justice.
Anna Archer
Anna Archer 19 dagar sedan
Can u bring back night in or night out
Anna Archer
Anna Archer 19 dagar sedan
Yes!!!!!! Thank you for bring date night!!!
DMTHOTH 19 dagar sedan
As a korean who grow up with eating oyster mushroom daily basis, I couldn't help myself not to laugh when they said it has just same chicken texture lol.
RealLife Kat
RealLife Kat 19 dagar sedan
for whatever reason, when Keith introduced himself, I thought he said Pete, and I can't tell if it's my brain being weird even though I've watched that clip a dozen times...
Martin Jansson
Martin Jansson 19 dagar sedan
11:39 + 11:49 Vinegar + baking soda -> salt + carbon dioxide gas + water Gas in a protein solution creates foam.
Gargi Patil
Gargi Patil 19 dagar sedan
I really miss Eugene and miss his plot twist
Lauren 19 dagar sedan
Those plates are so cute! Does anyone know where they are from?
J Rich
J Rich 20 dagar sedan
Chef seemed really cool. Dreux is also a really cool name
DJ StaRyu
DJ StaRyu 20 dagar sedan
would love to see ned and ariel try making indian food
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