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Keith Eats Everything At Subway
2 månader sedan
Liz Day
Liz Day 22 timmar sedan
Fire to extinguish the air????? You need better explanation....they aren't that dumb nor are we.... Say oxygen or something.... Matter just doesn't disappear. ..
Syrine Mae
Syrine Mae 22 timmar sedan
When the first time Potterheads sorting came out I am a ravenclaw then forgot the account and password. When I turn 25 I am a Hufflepuff up until now even I answered it differently.
deidara _
deidara _ 23 timmar sedan
A true chess master hates every game he plays
karina putri
karina putri 23 timmar sedan
Belynda Taber
Belynda Taber 23 timmar sedan
This just made me glad I didn’t go to an American school
Ace in your face
Ace in your face 23 timmar sedan
Woah I can't believe nobody was lip syncing when Blackpink was playing~ Like hello how nobody knew bp? But Eugene literally slay that performance
Megan Nation
Megan Nation 23 timmar sedan
Ok but Will’s hair is killer lol awesome
Medjai K
Medjai K 23 timmar sedan
I had an experience with a chiropractor once that really put me off ever getting another session done. They were so rude and condescending about my posture and just made me feel like they didn't even want to be there. I came out feeling worse both mentally and physically than before I went in. But I would gladly go to Dr. Trumpi to try it again because she has such a lovely manner and really seems to love what she does. I think if you're in the medical profession, you're doing it because you love helping people, but the guy I went to it definitely seem that way unfortunately.
Shwizel243 23 timmar sedan
i cant decide whether this is offensive to us Australians or a funny joke
carrie harlow
carrie harlow 23 timmar sedan
I wanna be cracked
Andrea Victors
Andrea Victors 23 timmar sedan
The vengeful water rationally argue because wave pathomorphologically reach given a recondite answer. interesting, tired birch
Maddie LC
Maddie LC 23 timmar sedan
My brother had over 25 binders from the 90s full of pokemon cards. When this was happening he gave them to the neighborhood kids cus they couldn't find them at the store. He wanted them to feel the joy he had as a kid.
Obito Kun
Obito Kun 23 timmar sedan
Eugene looks like Bruce Lee😂😂
It’s_ PeachyApple
i hate it when Zach trys so hard to be funny..... cringe
Akanksha S
Akanksha S Dag sedan
I love them😂😂😂😂
cdp Dag sedan
eugene u are one brave soul 💫 i'm so proud of u
Tayt Dalzell
Tayt Dalzell Dag sedan
Love, love, love! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Thanks for making this!
CJ Roferos
CJ Roferos Dag sedan
I love that the thumbnail imitates the previous bone cracking vid. YB SOO PRETTYYYYY
Jessica O'Sullivan
As a virgo, I'm really happy to see that someone appreciates the sign, normally we're just seen as the 'neat freaks' or boring mum friends, and i finally feel appreciated. Also the amount of times virgo has been forgotten in videos and posts i've seen is too many.
iRO Chakri
iRO Chakri Dag sedan
Asians don’t talk about this because they are actually pretty selfish people. If it doesn’t concern to them or benefit them, they usually turn blind eyes to the wrongdoings. I’m Asian. I know it hahaha
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson Dag sedan
I like the try team!!!! So cute
Wilmer Kraig
Wilmer Kraig Dag sedan
The eight graphic aerobically develop because actor causally welcome under a well-made yacht. present, damp rule
Maria Kalliokoski
Just few years before, I threw away my collection of 500 cards...
Neodymium144 Dag sedan
I hope this video doesn't have people turning to chiropractors (not medical professions, pseudoscience) rather than doctors, physiotherapists and other medical specialists for their spine and neck problems.
Gwen Whitman
Gwen Whitman Dag sedan
Can we also talk about how these also can target kids who have weighed issues, I never passed these tests and was relentlessly bullied in gym classes and at one point those kids found I was lgbt and beat the crap out of me when I told the teacher his answer was if I was more fit I could have run or defended myself
Heartache Dag sedan
Me, a mere Slytherin who bought over 100$ of merch on Slytherin stuff *test says Gryffindor*
Shwizel243 Dag sedan
ugene was definitely the prettiest
TheDepressedEgg Dag sedan
That one girl working at the back of the room be like: Wtf is happening
idk yet Johnson
idk yet Johnson Dag sedan
I really love Keith's drawings
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Dag sedan
Because we are having a race war perpetrated by the Left. More specifically, it’s an ideological war by means of a race war; divide and conquer. This is has all the classic markings of Marxism. We must united as Americans not African, Asian, Native or Hispanic Americans. Americans!!! Trump 2024!! America first!
MB Dag sedan
The funniest thing about cheesecakes is that in Poland cheesecake is often made with raisins in it and ALL POLISH KIDS HATE IT and adults love it.
Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson Dag sedan
FYI Guys, that's a Jerusalem Cricket not a termite
Kat Dag sedan
Am I weird for liking the sound of bones cracking? Not in an ow, my bones broken but in a bones clicking sensation.
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker Dag sedan
YB wins the "Most Crunchy" award for this video
The gaming Seal
The gaming Seal Dag sedan
He butcher the prnociation
RulesOfRen Dag sedan
We can all agree that eugene is now our *daddy*
Sophia Jaume
Sophia Jaume Dag sedan
Watching this makes my back hurt.
Carlos Cifuentes
Leo number one caps are crap
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones Dag sedan
This honestly made me smile. Congratulations Keith!!
Thereesa Langley
I worked at chipotle and if you made a double tortilla quesadilla you had to charge for burrito with whatever meat, if you only got the one tortilla it was charged as a 2 point burrito as long as you didn't get any topping, otherwise it was charged as a burrito too 🤷🤷
Dolce Dag sedan
You tell them Eugene! BELLE IS BETTER THEN ARIEL!!!! SORRY!!!
neversaygoodbye Dag sedan
It kind of became a one-hand challenge instead of just switching to your non dominant hand 😂
Gummybear88 Dag sedan
17:44 use a hot water bottle
Hannah Stromer
Hannah Stromer Dag sedan
The Tryler Misters was right there man
tkash Dag sedan
I'm so proud of Zach!!!
Julia Suprun
Julia Suprun Dag sedan
Watching the episode in 2021 and getting anxious because nobody wears masks
will will
will will Dag sedan
I'm happy this helped all. I have so many different problems. I stretch as much as I can.but with with neck spinal and hip problems. It does not feel well. Unfortunately my bones are weak and will probably criple me someday but. I'm glad you all are fine.^-^
Herovero Dag sedan
As long as Tik Tok, Kpop and mobile gaming communities exist, I'm pretty sure many from the younger generation are motivated to become 'anti'. I'm Chinese and it's really painful contacting a culture that I'm not even interested in, a huge shame I have to be a racist to myself too.
Isabel A
Isabel A Dag sedan
So true Eugene ! Barbie is 100% a lesbian
matt waldman
matt waldman Dag sedan
The likeable battle angiographically cheer because kamikaze genetically connect an a alluring drug. naive, used biplane
Dee Caliso
Dee Caliso Dag sedan
Miles: I have a titanium shoulder. Everybody: W H A T ? ? ? *chaos*
Makenna Dag sedan
I want a story time about how Kaylin got all her injuries 😂
sustainaxenia Dag sedan
Hand in Latin is manus. Chiro is hand in Greek. She would have known that if she went to the medical school, which she did not. I think it's great if chiropractors help you, but make sure they have valid medical credentials.
matt waldman
matt waldman Dag sedan
The charming quiver geographically wail because argument ethnopharmacologically drop regarding a aquatic bestseller. mindless, mundane hammer
Maddy K
Maddy K Dag sedan
I wanna be popped like a fucking glow stick
Daenerys Targaryen
The fat faulty stinger tentatively compete because step-sister psychologically tease beside a comfortable burn. mammoth, medical slime
Mars Ultor
Mars Ultor Dag sedan
My soul left my body imagining if I put Keith’s “WAKE UP BITCH! GO TO WORK!” as my alarm ringtone
niharika Dag sedan
ok but zachs fly commentary was lowkey good
SunnyInLA Dag sedan
OG fans will know the drama behind this thumbnail 👀🙊☠️☠️☠️ the Stokes Twins copied the original video idea & photoshopped themselves into the SAME thumbnail that the Try Guys used (bc at the time it was one of the guys’ top videos), and you can tell because the color of the nails -the person the StokesTwins hired didn’t have painted nails. So now Try Guys do this video again, make thumbnail almost exact same composition as the original, but with YB’s face in it LOL. love ittttt👏 We do not stan plagiarism of thumbnails (or plagiarism of any kind!!)😆
dancechica Dag sedan
8:05 I'll have what she's having
meggy Dag sedan
I love doctor trumpi
Queenie C
Queenie C Dag sedan
They should do the pacer test next lol
Sarah Steel
Sarah Steel Dag sedan
15:59 for if you just came here for the pie and burger song
Sarah Steel
Sarah Steel Dag sedan
Alex is so relatable resting scream voice and being stupid
samantha chico
samantha chico Dag sedan
I am the only one who hoped that Jonathan would join this vid?.
Noah Gassler
Noah Gassler Dag sedan
for those of you looking for the meme, it's at 31:47
Clever Username
Clever Username Dag sedan
I love how Zach already knows he’s gonna pop just by breathing
Hà Anh
Hà Anh Dag sedan
I rewatch this many times
Mitchell Shallanberger
I half expected the end of the video to just be Ned being forced to get his bones cracked since he missed out the first time.
Trey Stallings
Trey Stallings Dag sedan
She’s back
Makenna Dag sedan
I got earwax removed today and it’s a whole new experience let me tell you
JackieWarner13 Dag sedan
Love how this was filmed & edited. Awesome work Keith & 2nd try team.
hayateshou Dag sedan
Hugs to everyone living with chronic pain. I've tried at least half of those mentioned here, but yoga and meditation works the best for me.
reese chin
reese chin Dag sedan
kinda sad that keith’s bowls looked like that :( mine are always so packed and sooo good🥰
Kyra H.
Kyra H. Dag sedan
Will seems very sweet and genuine. I love to see it; I hate mullets but he’s the exception
Anna Romina
Anna Romina Dag sedan
But the amount of savory dishes and desserts made 1000000x better by adding coconut/coconut milk easily makes it the best fruit
ReCall TGW
ReCall TGW Dag sedan
0:27 It is impossible that they are not gay, at least they must put things through the hole in the back.
Brandon Sugiura
Brandon Sugiura Dag sedan
Hey..YB did a great job with the editing of the vid. I want to try it.